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Your dream CC/OC pistol!

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Thread: Your dream CC/OC pistol!

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    I already own my dream OC/CC pistol/revolver

    Your dream CC/OC pistol!-best.jpg

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    Dream Gun - Dan Wesson CCO CZ-USA -> DAN WESSON CCO Bobtail
    A little more realistic - HK USP Compact 45
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    A Commander sized 1911, with a bobtail, that was "HK reliable" and cost less than $2000.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene83 View Post
    I'm starting to get an itch for a 1911. Anybody had any experience with Remington's version?

    I've seen some not so good reviews on the Remington. The Ruger is getting good reviews for about the same money. A couple of threads here mentioned finding the Ruger for less than $600.00...not bad for an American made 1911. I'll probably get one myself, the only drawback right now, is that they're as scarce as hens teeth.
    Ruger SR1911 Review |
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    Les Baer Custom Carry; Sig 1911 Platnium Elite w/matching 238's; a true pocket 9mm (rorbaugh size but not a rorbaugh); couple LCR's; 642's; a 3"micro 1911; a commander 1911 (springfield lightweight loaded champion); EMP; any other 1911...

    Don't get me wrong... I am content with my main 3... but that is why they call em dreams...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolvingMag View Post
    1940's GI model 1911. 6" barrel, no bells, no whistles. Just like they handed them to the troops. But, it has to be from the 40's. One that's proven, and has history.
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    I have a Bill Wilson Carry pistol pistol on my list that I can't wait to get. I've been justifying it with my wife for the past couple of years. Soon it will be mine.

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    I do not know if I should call it "dream pistol", but I would like to have a Commander-sized Volkmann Combat Carry.

    Your dream CC/OC pistol!-precision_combat.jpg
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    already have mine, but still carry Glocks. If I ever get a chance to become proficient with a 1911, I will start carrying this.............

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    im not sure what brand it is, but i want one like the guys in the movies have that never runs out of ammo, never jams, can blow up a car as it drives towards me, is easy enough to shoot that i can hit my target no matter the situation or the distance and if i shot you with it you fly back 10 feet and crash through a window :)

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    In many of those movies, they use Desert Eagles. I'm not certain we can buy that particular line. However, they do make explosive rounds now. So blowing a "small" hole in a vehicle may be possible...

    Personally, I think the shoulder cannon that the Predators use would be a nice lightweight, and small package. Plus, you get a cool mask with multiple tracking options to boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    I've got mine. A big ol' honkin six shooter in .44 Magnum.
    I know the feeling.
    Your dream CC/OC pistol!-ruger-44.jpg

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    In my hands, no handgun produces better consistent results than a GP100, a relatively easy dream to realize, at about $0.5K to $0.6K. With concealment being important, in this very hot coastal Texas climate, an SP101, in the same price range, is also a good dream gun, limited a bit by a shorter sight radius.

    I reckon I am a practical-minded dreamer.

    Don't get me wrong; I dream of guns other than these Rugers. The Colt SAA or USFA Single Action are sweet sixguns, and I like a good, practical 1911 such as a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special.

    I am blessed, because I have realized all of these dreams, over about 30+ years of buying various firearms. Some that I thought were dreams realized, instead became unpleasant dreams, to be sold or traded. Future purchases may well simply be variants of what I already have, such as the announced .22 LR-chambered SP101, or different barrel lengths of Ruger, Colt, and USFA sixguns, or perhaps a 1911 with an optical sight, but I am quite content right now.

    I do dream of some rifles that may enter my life in the future, but that is off-topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5POINT56 View Post
    A Commander sized 1911, with a bobtail, that was "HK reliable" and cost less than $2000.
    Sounds like my current dream... Dan Wesson 2011 Valor Bobtail in Black Duty Treat. $1800. If I can just save a liiiiiiittle more...
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    Your dream CC/OC pistol!-600px-three-tens-wschofield-13.jpg

    Since we are in the land of make believe...........

    ............twin OC'ed Schofield's! Butts forward!
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