8 months ago (silly mags taped together).


AR (M&P15X) didn't change too much. Found what I liked and stuck with it. Changes were the Daniel Defense 12.0 Omega X rail, TLR-1, Magpul BAD lever and that's it. I never saw the need for the BAD lever, until I was shooting one day with the sling, and I had to reach around my sling to tap the bolt release. I had one of those moments where I reached under, over, under, over, under, over and then my brain exploded. The BAD lever solved this :). The AK (WASR 10/63) has seen a major transformation: Single-double stack conversion, Romanian wire folder, Romanian front lower grip, Ultimak rail, Primary Arms red dot, Russian surplus sling, Krebs rear peep sight and Houge Grip. And thousands of rounds put down the pipe. I'd like to polish the BCG... maybe someday when I'm real bored.