Need help deciding on a plinker

Need help deciding on a plinker

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Thread: Need help deciding on a plinker

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    Need help deciding on a plinker

    So it's that time of year again! I work for a college and since we do about 80 percent of our work for the year in July and August I get a nice little chunk of over time. Like a good boy I take the majority of that and promptly stick it in my savings account BUT I also buy myself one toy. Last year it was my AR. This year I think it's going to be a 22lr. This is going to be a 50-100 yard scoped plinker. I have it narrowed down too two rifles. The savage MKII heavy barrel or a Ruger 10/22. Being a bolt action I'm thinking the savage has slightly better inherent accuracy and I would like as much accuracy as possible. On the flip side, the 10/22 has a metric crap ton of aftermarket parts available for it and prospect of a project gun sounds fun. So I guess my question is this. Is the savage going to be that much more accurate then the 10/22?
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    Lokk at those new Ruger 10/22 with the laminated stocks and target barrels. They are sweet. Little more expensive but worth IMO.
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    For plinking, no. Even small game hunting the Ruger should be fine. But, that factory trigger on the Ruger is a spoiler, so get an after market trigger.

    I personally prefer a bolt gun for target work, and really like the 77 series Ruger bolts in the 22 caliber.

    My all time favorite is the Remington Nylon 66 autoloader, but they are hard to find in great shape.
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    I have a Savage Model 64. It's semi-auto, but a good little plinker, and I only paid $100 for it. It's a great little gun, I need a scope for it, though (my fault, not the gun). The only real issue I've found so far, is that it is a bear to clean properly- takes three or four tools to break down properly. Magazines are around $15 each. And I can't find one that holds more than 10rds.

    ...On second thought... It's a nice little gun, but doesn't seem to be worth it for me. And there aren't many aftermarket goodies out yet... Nevermind; don't get one. I've heard a lot of good things about Savages, and mine's a good enough rifle, but there aren't many goodies for it that I've found.
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    Well, I confess I have both the Ruger 77/22 and the 10/22 (actually, four of the latter... they're contagious). For sheer fun, nothing beats being able to crank out a lot of rounds quickly as you can with the autoloader.

    All my Ruger 22s have been "breathed on," either professionally or by me. The bolt gun had the chamber re-cut and the bolt tightened. The 'serious' 10/22s have aftermarket barrels, trigger work and other improvements. Those two and the bolt gun will routinely shoot sub-1/2" groups at 50 yards with decent ammo - not bulk pack, but not match stuff, either. I call that plenty accurate.

    My only beef with the bolt gun is the razor-thin clearance between the bell of the scope and the bolt handle, no matter which scope or mounting scheme I used. Over time I've gotten used to it.

    Money-wise, midway between the 10/22 and the 77/22 are the CZ 455 bolt guns... I've handled several (including the predecessor 452) but not shot any. The bolt feels like it's on ball bearings, easily operated with just fingers... you have to feel it to know what I mean. The have a great rep for accuracy and the stock triggers aren't just decent, they're adjustable (how their lawyers sleep at night, I don't know). The spoiler is the conventional box magazine holding 5 or 10, not as nifty as the great Ruger rotary mag. Get the 'American' model with its higher comb if you plan to mount a scope. The European models have a "droopy" stock which gets your head lower, in line with the iron sights. A 455 American in .22 Mag is on my long-gun wish list.

    Comparable to the 77/22 in price is the new-again Browning T-Bolt. Also a super-slick action, with its straight-pull bolt - almost like a biathalon gun. Also a flush-fitting, rotary magazine holding 10 rounds.

    Just to add more fuel to your fires of indecision, head on over to and spend a few hours there... then come back and tell us what you bought!
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    Not sure on what your looking at spending. If I were buying a .22 Bolt action I'd go with the CZ 452 if you can find one, or the 455.

    CZ-USA -> CZ 455 American
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    You can't go wrong with a 10/22. IMHO it's the most gun for the money available...maybe ever. Endless aftermarkets.
    I've had several down through the years, the one I have now is stainless, with a grey laminate stock, I put a Nikon 4x32 silver finish Pro-staff scope on it. Easy on the eyes and a sweet shooter.
    The only bad thing is...I let my wife shoot it at the range, and now I'm afraid it's hers... she says it is anyway.
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    another vote for the cz-452. add a trigger kit from eric brooks and a nikon 3-9

    for under $400 you too can be making the holes in lifesavers at 100 yards.
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    10/22 is a great gun and if you're looking to modify it, like you wrote, there are plenty of options for that

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    I own a CZ-452. It's a great rifle. The walnut stock is very nice. The factory trigger leaves something to be desired, but it's not that bad. It's the only part of the gun that doesn't feel like a quality firearm that it really is.

    Don't knock the simplicity and super reliability of the Ruger 10/22 though. They are workhorses. My Father has one, and I learned how to shoot with it. That gun works just as well today as the day my Father bought it around thirty years ago.

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