Did my first Glock grip reduction

Did my first Glock grip reduction

This is a discussion on Did my first Glock grip reduction within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A buddy who's had me work on numerous 1911's brought over his Glock 19 and wanted to know if I thought I could do a ...

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Thread: Did my first Glock grip reduction

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    Did my first Glock grip reduction

    A buddy who's had me work on numerous 1911's brought over his Glock 19 and wanted to know if I thought I could do a grip reduction for him. He said he didn't want anything radical, just get rid of the hump and the finger bumps and the squared trigger guard .................... oh, and not have it look like

    I told him I'd give it a try.............. how'd I do?

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    Nice job!
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    I think it looks good. This was done to my G29 before i bought it. Makes a world of difference IMO and I am sure you will think so too.

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    I kinda like all that, finger grooves and what not. But I did grip stipple mine. It looks good. That texture makes a difference when you are shooting. Even if I don't get a perfect grip out of the holster, the texture helps keep the gun in place when I'm firing.

    One suggestion, that texture up on the beaver tail area is what gives me some problems. It gets a little abrasive with an IWB holster. It might take several times to sand it down where it's good. The first few days I would wear it, sand a bit, wear it more. Just to get it right for me.
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    You've got a trusting friend. Nice job.

    A quick application of a heat gun and a pair of leather gloves helped reduce the palm swell on my G30. I like the finger grooves but have no love for squared trigger guards.
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    You did a good job!
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