Thanks to all who posted suggestions for a small .22. Well, we went back to the range again today. The .32 S&W long rounds had come in and my wife wanted to shoot her mom's revolver. On the way, she again mentioned that she did not really like my .22 because it is too heavy and long. So, we went to the gun shop attached to the range and had a look see at the .22s they had for sale. She handled several and she really liked the feel of the Walther P22. We took it out on the range to see how it shoots and she really liked it, so, is is now hers.

She also liked the way the .32 revolver shot. She still does not like the 9mm, but she was looking at the "cute little guns" in the case with the .22s (.380s). Who knows where this will go? The P22 is a nice little gun, but I really don't like the mag release that is part of the trigger guard. It is OK for a range gun, but for a SD gun, I much prefer the traditional push the button approach.