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My scariest gun experience has to be my Ruger MKIII going off at the range. I started a thread about it last year when it happended, but in short...

I followed the 4 rules so no one was injured, but...

The gun fired on its own accord.
There was a failure in the sear and when I pulled the bolt back to chamber the first round, it slamfired and shot off 5 or 6 rounds (can't quite remember at the moment) in one loud sounding burp of full automtatic fire. My finger was off the trigger and my buddy who watched me the whole time can also confirm this. Then the pistol was so jammed up that after dropping the magazine and checking to make sure it was unloaded, it got put away for the day.

It was sent back in to Ruger and it was fixed but that was a mechanical failure. No one was hurt because of the my following the four rules. The gun still malfunctioned but no real harm was done because the four rules were followed stringently.

That is not to say that in other incidents can't involve guns going off on their own, but most of the time it is operator error.
This is the situation I was trying to point out.