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Guns that Chew Your Hands Up When Used Properly

This is a discussion on Guns that Chew Your Hands Up When Used Properly within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I bought a NIB S&W 469 in the early 80's for an off duty gun,It used to pinch the skin on my trigger finger behind ...

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Thread: Guns that Chew Your Hands Up When Used Properly

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    I bought a NIB S&W 469 in the early 80's for an off duty gun,It used to pinch the skin on my trigger finger behind the trigger against the frame when I shot,I either had to shoot with the end of my trigger finger on the trigger,or pinch my skin to get a shot off.I had that gun about 2 weeks before I traded it on a model 39
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    Kahr MK40. Chews up my thumb at the lowest joint. Left a ugly red mark on the meat of my friends hand. Now trying to sell it. :)

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    I grip stippled my G19. Did a few spots I should not have. My thumb will get a bit raw occasionally. I sanded most of it way down though. So it's not as bad as it used to be.

    Then there is my grandmothers old pepperbox 4 barrel .22. The seam is so loose it will shoot powder and hot gas out the side. You end up with mild burns and black marks on your hand. I don't plan on shooting it anymore. Neat little gun though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natimage View Post
    My FS .40 hasn't ever done this to me...I kind of use the butt of my hand to slam it home though so it wouldn't really be possible the way I reload...the compact should be less likely even since it has the pinky extension...that's interesting though.
    Natimage, let me clarify. It is not my reloading (L) hand that gets pinched but the hand holding the pistol (R). The pinch occurs between the bottom of the magazine and the bottom edge of my R hand where it extends below the butt of the pistol.

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    My Stoeger 12 Gauge (12" bbl, 8" stock) bites so hard that I have to wear gloves when I shoot it.

    Triggers are sharp.

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    I had a grip on a Model 29 Smith develop a small, visibly-imperceptable crack which would wear a blister on my hand. It eventually grew large enough to see, so I replaced the grip, which eliminated the problem.

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    Glock 27 - I am noticing a bone bruise on my middle finger knuckle where it tucks under the trigger guard. It is getting larger the more I practice. There is a curve there that invites the finger to rest. The recoil causes the trigger guard to bang against the knuckle. My Sig 229 has a flat trigger guard in that area and is not a problem.
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    I have big fingers and have carried a 1911 over 40 years without issues. Several years I began hunting a small pistol for back-up and discovered that any of the weapons I tried with a swinging "capgun trigger" like a Kahr PMXX, Glock, Kel-Tec and etc. resulted in a blister to the right of my index finger after 30 or 40 rounds where the side of the finger rubs between the trigger guard and the edge of the trigger, I still keep the PM45 in my vest pocket and restrict my practice with it to ~ 18 or 20 rounds/month. My oldest son at 300# shoots a G.I. .45 with a standard grip safety without trigger bite which makes a bad place on the web of my hand after several rounds and my youngest shoots Glocks in various calibers without issues. Recently the oldest installed "Crimson Trace" grips on his .45 and invited me up to try them out. I discovered when I grip the weapon, the knuckle on the index finger blocks out the red dot.

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    KelTec P11 I carry it a lot but hate shooting the rascal.

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    PF9 will rub a blister over my thumb knuckle after about 50 rnds.
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    Rossi .357 Magnum, model 462 or 461 (One is black, the other is nickel), 2" barrel and rubber grips that will chew your hand up.

    First time I shot it I put 50 rounds through it, and it caused me to get a blister (was shooting nice groups at 21 feet, and am very accurate when rapidly shooting it).

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    my g19 bites me sometimes but i have large hands and get high on the grip

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    The one thing I've noticed is as we get older our skin gets thinner and we lose a lot of the fat cushions under the skin on our hands. I did auto mechanics work for 40 yrs. and my hands were so tough, I could use them like a wrench or pliers. Now days it tears my skin to open a twist-off cap on a beer bottle and lipping a few bass leaves my thumb and palm bloody-raw. That being said, my P3AT leaves my thumb-to-palm joint sore as hell after 3 or 4 mag's.
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    I have a Ruger Security Six .357 that wore aftermarket rubber combat grips. The seam on the spine cut into my hand after just 50 rds. A change to cocobola made it go away. I also had a Bersa Thunder .45 that regularly collected my dna on it's slide. A .45 without a beaver tail just sucks...sold it.
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    I have a problem with Glocks. Something about grip angle vs. my hand, causes the top of my trigger finger to rub against the frame, resulting in blisters. I liked the way it shoots, but it just doesn't work for me. I replaced it with a Springfield XD, which works very well for me.
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