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This is a discussion on The 500 S&W within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Here's a frame from a video of me touching off an 8" .460... hornady factory loads, in broad daylight. The cylinder gap flash is impressive... ...

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Thread: The 500 S&W

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    Here's a frame from a video of me touching off an 8" .460... hornady factory loads, in broad daylight. The cylinder gap flash is impressive... but the real noticable thing in the video is the brass on the table below me bouncing 2 feet off the table every time I pull the trigger :)

    Can't shoot that thing without a big grin :)
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    A good friend of mine has one of the S&W 500's with a 4" barrel...we took it to an indoor range on a slow day (the RO was the only one else there) and he fired a couple of cylinders. The concussion (as opposed to mere muzzle blast... ) was eye caused the light lens on the exit sign behind him to fall off...twice.

    I don't really have a desire to shoot handguns this powerful, but "to each, his own"...
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    Very much so team american. When I witnessed a man shooting a huge revolver at my range, afterwards I asked him the round.. He said it was a 480 Ruger. But the concussion it produced.. (especially the first time when i preparing to shoot, and he shot when i didnt expect it. I had to wait until he was reloading to actually shoot!) HUGE air pressure change when that thing fired. It still amazes me to think about it. I dont doubt the Exit sign falling apart.. at all!
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    Pragmatic side says "Unless your using it as a sidearm on a big game hunt, I think your better off with a shotgun."

    Fun side says "Bet you cant Double gun that!!"
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