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High priced lubes and solvents?

This is a discussion on High priced lubes and solvents? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by mlr1m Whats the deal with all this high tech stuff everyone claims is necessary to remove crud, carbon, lead etc? Then the ...

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Thread: High priced lubes and solvents?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlr1m View Post
    Whats the deal with all this high tech stuff everyone claims is necessary to remove crud, carbon, lead etc? Then the even higher priced lubes sold in half ounce containers like some fancy perfume sold at one of them Hollywood spas.

    Before I knew it wouldn't work I grew up swiping my moms 3in1 sewing machine oil for normal rust prevention wipe downs. For long storage we did break down an buy a tube of Rig gun grease. Would dilute boiled linseed oil as needed to refurbish the finish of my gun stocks and rub it in sparingly by hand.

    Some of these firearms are over 150 years old and still show no signs of rust. My dilemma is this. Now that I have ate from the tree of knowledge and realize that the stuff I have been using religiously does not work. That at any time now I can expect to see huge hunks of rust start to fall off of them. What should I do?

    High-tech fixation - wanting to be different - all this kind of stuff. I have a lube and cleaner that works fine, it's reasonable in price; I ignore the new "wonder-oil" hype. The grass is not always greener...........

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    I work in a factory that manufacturers bearings for the aerospace industry. In my world, lubrication is critical and we use some pretty expensive lubricants. I can tell you that the amount of lube is probably more critical than the kind of lube you use, and....more is not better!
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    Since the early 70's I have always been a hoppes, Rem oil, white lithium grease kinda guy. I can not speak about the other brands but I'm a Gunzilla convert. I prefer spending my time shooting cooler running, smoother running, guns than spending time cleaning them. Based on their own posts the vast majority of those that disparage Gunzilla have not tried it. I believe that is called contempt prior to investigation. Or willing ignorance. The exact opposite of OldVet whose opinion I can respect. He tried it, does not seem to prefer it and that's fine that happens with any product and I can respect his conclusions as well. What I don't get it those that bad mouth a product they are totally ignorant of and have no knowledge or experience with. Than bad mouth those that have actually used the product and know what they are talking about. Used to be a attribute I credited immature little girls with having. Forming an opinion with no foundation in fact and than sticking to it despite all evidence to the contrary as a basis for their gossip. Stuck on Facts don't count they thought it so they must be right girly girl thinking.

    I, as have others at least tried it not believing the claims. I in fact tried it with the intent on disproving them. Only to discover everything Gunzilla claims is more than true. BTW Gunzilla is cheaper than buying three or four other products to do what it does. Not to mention the time saving. But than those that do not know what they are talking about because they have not used it, would not know that.
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