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Glock Shaving Rounds

This is a discussion on Glock Shaving Rounds within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Devilsclaw No chance that the target frame was being hit? I've seen that do that. (if it is steel) Other than that, ...

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Thread: Glock Shaving Rounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilsclaw View Post
    No chance that the target frame was being hit? I've seen that do that. (if it is steel) Other than that, no ideas.
    The frame is made of wood. And to the guy that mentioned limp wristing, if that could cause this it is a very good possibility. He is a very small guy and has very little experience shoot handguns. But also, this was his second time shooting my Glock and this problem didn't happen the first time. We were using my Privi partison ammo the first time though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian l View Post
    Excuse my ignorance, what is SPP?
    Small pistol primers

    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    Sounds like ammo. I used to like Federal until I realized they use SPP in their 45acp brass. I don't think much of a company that would do that.
    I used to not like that either. Then I chrono'ed the exact same load with the primer being the only variable. The range of speeds was tighter than with the LPPs. At this point I will load either and be happy with them - sorting is the only issue.
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