Daughter fired gun for the first time today.

Daughter fired gun for the first time today.

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Thread: Daughter fired gun for the first time today.

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    Daughter fired gun for the first time today.

    My 8 year old daughter has been to the range many times, but she usually stays in the "quiet" room behind the glass. My wife was sick this weekend and I wanted to go to the range and my daughter wanted to go with me. For some bizarre reason she just got up the nerve to actually shoot today. I gave her the Walther P22 and set the target at 2.5 yards. She did surprisingly well. I realize 2.5 yards is very close, but she got nearly all of her shots inside the red center circle. We got her a second target and moved it out to 5 yards. She still did pretty well there too. She could actually pass the Texas CHL shooting accuracy requirements except that she was using a .22 and Texas requires qualification with at least a .32 caliber.

    Anyway, she was super excited once she saw how well she was doing. I don't think I've seen her so excited about anything in a long time. There were two range masters there, who know me pretty well. They were watching her and were also giving her praise. About half way through a hot shell hit her in the arm and she screamed. The range master came running over to see what was wrong. My daughter was unfamiliar with the concept of hot shells. I guess I should have warned her. She has a little red spot on her arm. But once she realized what it was, she was sort of proud of it and wanted to show her "injury" off to everyone like it was some kind of rite of passage or something.

    She couldn't wait to get home and show her targets to her mom. Now she wants to go back. And the guy at the range mentioned she could come to their kids training class. She seemed excited about that prospect too. But I didn't inquire on the price.

    She still has a little trouble working the slide. Which is going to be a problem on any semi-auto because the Walther P22 has a very easy slide to rack. She's just not very strong. She also had trouble loading the rounds into the magazine, but eventually was able to do it on her own. I suppose I could get a .22 revolver or something and see how she does with that.
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    Good for her, and you! She'll not likely ever outgrow her new-found interest even if it is submerged for a time by school, girlfriends, boyfriends etc..

    I'm just grateful you get to raise girls. I wouldn't be tough enough. Especially when they reach dating age. We only had two stinkin' boys.

    I've posted a photo here on the forum in the past of my youngest son at 8 years old shooting a Colt Woodsman .22. Now he's 26 and toting an M240 courtesy the USMC.
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    Bravo Zulu Daddy!

    That range trip with you today will stay with her a lot longer than she realizes me thinks.

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    You've got a lifetime shooting partner! Get her a Uplula mag loader, much easier on those little fingers.
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    "...wanted to show her "injury" off to everyone like it was some kind of rite of passage or something."

    It IS a rite of passage. She went shooting with Daddy and stepped up to a whole new level.
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    Congrats to your daughter!
    What did mama think?
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    Awesome! I remember when I took my oldest daughter shooting for the first time, she still brings it up every now and then.
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    Learning to shoot for a kid is one of kinds of events which usually sticks with them for life. Always a huge moment of accomplishment and pride. And something which should be shared by all young kids. Stipulating of course that it is done in the proper context and safe environment.

    Too many kids never get the opportunity to learn to shoot. Learning to shoot goes hand in hand with learning about responsibility. Both are neglected attributes today by most parents and kids.

    And we wonder why we have a society with so much lack of responsibility.

    Good job adric22! Glad you got to share the experience with your daughter. No doubt she will be heading to the range again soon.
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    Awesome. I bet the hardest part for you was being patient until she ASKED to shoot. Sounds like you may spend more money on her ammunition than on clothes.....naaaaaaaaa. What am I thinking?
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    Congratulations on getting the little lady started off right; and whether you realized it or not, you also taught her another extremely good lesson that will also stick with her for life as well - extreme respect for a firearm. Kids watch too much TV and play video games that all make guns and shooting very exciting - exciting to the point that they'll generally pick one up and play with it with no fear or respect at all.

    When my son and daughter were both only 4 years old, I took them to the range and "we" fired the 1911 .45 together. Naturally, I was kneeled behind them, brought the pistol around in front of us, then had them put their hands around the grip while I held my hands over theirs. I was in full control of the pistol at all times, but I relaxed my elbows just enough so they could feel the recoil and hear the noise under their ear protection. Needless to say they were both excited, impressed, and a bit spooked when the gallon milk jug full of water in front of us exploded along with the sound and fury of the pistol going off.

    From that day on, I could have it stripped into pieces while cleaning it and they'd both still walk a wide circle around it without even thinking about touching it. Whenever I had a gun out of the safe, they were fascinated by being able to touch it and explore it, but they wouldn't ask to do so until I removed the magazine, locked it open, showed them the chamber was clear, and telling them it was OK to check it out only while I was sitting there with them - which they were most excited to do.

    Naturally, I created a couple of "monsters" because the first question that always came up was "daddy, can we go shooting again this weekend"? They were both shooting .22 rifles at age six while always practicing the firearms safety measures they had been taught. I always kept all firearms secured from the kids when we weren't actively shooting or cleaning them together, but you can never tell what they may run into while visiting at some friend's house; so teaching them respect and safety was the best way of knowing they would quickly leave if they were visiting any friend's house who decided to start messing around with a gun.
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    Very awesome story, thanks for sharing. I really like how you went about this matter. By setting the target so close, you set your daughter up for success. From your reiteration, it sounds like she is already hooked...lol. I think Hiram25 is right, you have a shooting partner for life.

    You just created a great memory today.

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    Good stuff!
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

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    Daddy's little baby's all grown up... I could feel the pride oozing out of your story. She will never forget this day, congrats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n
    Learning to shoot for a kid is one of kinds of events which usually sticks with them for life. Always a huge moment of accomplishment and pride. And something which should be shared by all young kids. Stipulating of course that it is done in the proper context and safe environment.
    +1 to this.

    I still vividly remember the first time I fired a gun. It was one of those experiences that changes you forever. I imagine most others here do too.

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    Good for your daughter.

    Just make sure you tell her not to talk about it at school. Some teacher will overhear it and freak out. The school will call Child Welfare. You'll be branded an unfit parent and menace to society and a right wing gun nut. BATFE will conduct a no knock raid of your home in the middle of the night, searching for the arsenal of guns your shipping to Mexico, as well as the weapons of mass destruction you have stored there.
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