Just biding my time

Just biding my time

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Thread: Just biding my time

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    Just biding my time

    I had dinner with my daughter last night. She uh, er, moved out because dad was being totally unreasonable. You know, things like clean up your mess, pay your bills, etc, etc, etc. In fact, I used to make her and her brother pay 1% of all monthly expenses of the household (you know, like electricity, water, cable, their cell phone plan) which came to about $20/month. Every month they railed against it, but I kept it up.

    Well, now that she is on her own, we get along much better. During dinner, I asked her, now that she is on her own and realizes just how expensive it is to live, if that monthly bill program was a good idea. She replied that although I didnít do it perfectly right, yada, yada, yada, it was a good idea and is helping her now.

    OK, so what else did I do? Well, I insisted that she go to the range a few times so that she at least knows how to handle a firearm. It cost me several trips to the shopping mall (ya, she is a good negotiator) but me thinks that was well worth the price. She hasnít quite come around to personal protection much yet, but I am just waiting for her to come back asking me to show her how to do that again. I might even give her a gun should she ask. (Ya, what do you mean "might"?)
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    They don't really know about a lot of important life items until they leave the nest. Then they wake up !!
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    I remember back when I was a teenager, and knew everything. I often wondered how my folks go to be their age and knew so little about life. Once I was on my own, it didn't take them long to wise up!
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    Everybody seems to view weapons differently and at different ages. Twenty five years ago I was invincible. Twenty five years ago the world was much different. Today I live 30 minutes from a city that has had 11 random shootings in 8 days. Now at 53, I realize I am no longer invincible among other things.

    Best to you, your daughter and family..
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    Though my parents never made me pay any portion of bills they were very open about finances and talked about how much things cost and the necessities of life, investments, insurance, etc and made all of us very aware of financial management. (I did, however, have to pay my own gas, parking/speeding tickets and half of my own tuition when I started college.)

    I knew it was going to be a bit different when I moved out but, yes, it was a shock to get the first energy bill and realize that keeping the apartment at 80 degrees in the middle of winter was a bit more costly than I'd speculated it would be.

    I'd recommend encouraging her to look for a Refuse To Be A Victim class in the area. They have some great ideas about home, personal and work security going over everything from disposing of personal mail, locks on doors, pepper spray, and so much more.

    I think sometimes we forget, when we send young people out into the world, that a gun is a LAST measure of defense and while we preach Situational Awareness and being smart we don't always break it down and give practical examples for the people who either haven't been paying attention before or just never learned.

    Having tools and plans and the know how in place to deter a crime is FAR better than just having a gun in your nightstand or a can of OC spray in the bottom of your purse.

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