Range restrictions

Range restrictions

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Thread: Range restrictions

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    Range restrictions

    Just curious to hear what restrictions people have run into at their local ranges.
    Just got my membership at my local range ( just moved here last fall ) and asked what the max caliber was that I could fire . The gentleman laughed and told me he brings his 50 cal BMG there to shoot , so as long as it's not anything bigger , I;m all set . He even let me know that if I had a full auto weapon I could fire that there to as long as I make sure that I have my paperwork for it with me. Then the question of concealed carry into the range came up and again , no problem . BTW , being a member now allows me to shoot whenever I want between the hours of 9am and 1/2 hr before sunset . All outdoor range so weather is the only thing that would hold me back . So far this has been the most accomidating range I have been to .

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    Of course you had to share this and then be 2,000 miles away from me.

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    lol no restrictions whatsoeaver for me , i shoot on my pastureland .
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    My indoor range has many restrictions, all geared to noise and range damage -- no magnums, essentially.

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    Indoor Range: No rifle calibers allowed (even if they are shot with a contender or like pistol).

    Outdoor: None, I shoot on private land out in the country. I do have to pick up my litter though (if I had any) so I guess that is one restriction.

    Pay Outdoor Range in the area: No center fires on the .22 range (but you can fire .22's on the center fire range). No MG's on any range other than the MG range. No skeet/clay shooting on any of the ranges except the skeet/clay range. Oh, and no talking back to the RO if there is one on duty*.

    *Had a member that did this when I was a member awhile ago. This BIG 6' 6", 250lbs (no fat), Former Marine (or Army, I've forgotten) RO PICKED this guy off the ground with one hand, CARRIED him to his car, and STUFFED him through the window with a warning to never come back to the range!

    The folks that he'd come with packed up and hastily left

    I asked the RO right before I let my membership expire if anything ever came about because of it (lawsuit, etc..) and he just smiled and said, "The little *won't put in word* wouldn't dare".

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    I shoot at an 'unmanaged' public range, and I run into more problems with idiots than regulations... but I did have a conservation dept. guy tell me that I'm not supposed to shoot at my steel spinner targets.

    At the local indoor range, it's pistols only, and no more than one shot per second unless you're at a bowling pin match or some such. If you're a regular, they don't pay much attention to the rapid fire rule...

    There's a few outdoor ranges in the area where they go too far for me in the interest of safety. Hey, it's their range, their rules, but I don't consider firing more rapidly than once every 3 seconds to be unsafe. Therefore, I shoot at the unsupervised range... and avoid the idots.
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    No full auto, rapid fire is max 10 rounds in a string. Guns are supposed to be unloaded except at the firing line, including CCW--That's the one that bugs me most. No drawing unless you are a known "IPSC" or Cowboy Action shooter. 50 BMG is supposed to be at the end lane. Steel targets must not be rigid, no centerfire rifle on steel targets. Cowboy loads or rimfire only on the club's steel targets. No humanoid targets. No pistol on the rifle range.

    Range is rarely manned, and the only thing I know that gets strictly enforced is stuff the neighbors can hear.

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