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Trigger jobs, rail polishing, etc etc

This is a discussion on Trigger jobs, rail polishing, etc etc within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Depends on the situation. I just ordered an M&P 45, with the Apex kit installed right off the bat. Now, I have fired an M&P ...

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Thread: Trigger jobs, rail polishing, etc etc

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    Depends on the situation.

    I just ordered an M&P 45, with the Apex kit installed right off the bat.

    Now, I have fired an M&P before, and I know how I want a trigger to behave. The stock M&Ps just don't cut it. So, based on the advice of some experienced people, I'm getting the work done first thing.

    If I was getting a gun that I didn't have any experience with, although it may have a reputation for a crummy trigger, I would want to get a feel for it first.
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    The only gun I have sent directly to a gunsmith was my primary competition gun, and it was going to be customized. Most anything else, I am going to try it first and see if I feel anything needs to be done to it. Polishing a feedramp does almost nothing for most pistols. It is (as has been explained to me by a gunsmith I trust a great deal) an easy and visible bit of work that reassures a customer that his gun has indeed been worked on—most of the action cleanup and reliability work that a 'smith does is simply not visible otherwise; the average gun owner is not going to be able to tell if his extractor had been adjusted or the hammer/sear/trigger engagement surfaces have been polished or shaped.

    I'll agree with zacii, though; I have an M&P9c on order and I am going to put in an Apex kit before I even bother taking it to the range. I just already know the difference between a stock M&P trigger and an Apex trigger.
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    That would be OK with a "Q" rather than an O.
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    A lot of people buy 1911s to have a sweet looking gun. A lot of the work being done is cosmetic. Sure, some enhancements are done, but 90% of the 1911s I've seen customized were like souped up vehicles. Lots of frills on the outside, not much difference under the hood.

    Even my RIA which I need to spend some money on for some new grips and new sights (more of a want on the sights). Either I save that money and trade it away for a different gun, or I make it look nicer. I didn't pay a huge amount for the RIA, and it's nice to have a 1911. So it's a tossup. In the spring a decision will be made.

    I'll probably end up spending a little bit of money to fix it up, and keep it. On the other hand, my Father wants a 1911 so I may fix it up and trade it to him for the Ruger rifle he has that I want. So many choices in life, and no bad outcomes.

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    I have never sent any gun off to a smith for any work. I do, however dis-assemble, thoroughly clean, inspect and lube every new or new-to-me firearm before it hits the range. After inspection I'll do some minor polishing or clean up any machining marks that may effect the action. Sometimes a complete fluff & buff(Keltec). There have been few exceptions to this. Most notably, my SW1911 which went from the counter to the range without even snaking the bore. The anticipation was just too much for me.
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