Price and quality =size

Price and quality =size

This is a discussion on Price and quality =size within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The reason Im writing this is because everyone has a choice (at least now as long as the 2nd amendment lives) ! My problem comes ...

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Thread: Price and quality =size

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    Price and quality =size

    The reason Im writing this is because everyone has a choice (at least now as long as the 2nd amendment lives) ! My problem comes from the standpoint of the so-called "pocket" guns , I really wanted to go with a pocket carry for several reasons , the lightweight and easy concealment ,I dont like lugging around a holstered weapon did that for 20 years , a cargo pocket or pants pocket is just right , but most guns "compact" are too big . With the new interest in pocket guns comes a variety of styles and prices , heres where it gets "iffy" at least for me, I cant see paying more than $350 for a gun that fits in my hand (concealed in my hand) I wont shoot it very often ,my hands hurt without shooting a thousand rounds through a pipsqueek gun . That doesnt leave me with very many options at least not in the 9mm class , which brings up another problem for me , the .380 acp and under classes .The rounds themselves are weak and overpriced , however the cool thing is that if the prices start to sag because of the "9"s popularity ,I can now consider a highend .380 , I dont plan on shooting a 1000 rounds through it , I may tag 10 rounds when I go to the range with other guns (as I would with one of the 9's also) .

    It seems to me the best price / quality match for a 9mm in pocket is a Kahr ,but at over $400 bucks , not gonna happen , ya see there plenty of other guns I would rather have at that price , like a SW MP 45 , or Glock 19 , ya see where Im going here? I acknowledge the price/quality of the Kahrs but the usibilty factor is this ,I would use the G19 a whole hell of alot more than the pm9 and would enjoy shooting it as well same with MP45 or Glock 21!

    If the prices go down for the .380's I will get one of them , Im not sold on the 9's and the reason why is quality like I said it costs more for the quality of the gun , the Keltec is a prime example , could be a nice gun I suspect its similiar in quality to the SUB 2000 series , cheap plastic that wasnt a finished product when it left the plant ,I have one and its a great shooter , but its really rough plastic , if KelTec used a sander and something to melt the plastic for smoother edges , it would be nice I'd pay the extra 20 bucks for that , the mag wells are main issues , the cheap triggers , now if you could replace some of these parts with metal , it might be worth it !

    The way I see it , there is nothing under $350 thats worth a damn in the 9 pocket market , and 350 is streching it a bit , probably more like $450 , too much for too little!

    I guess I wont be seeing a pocket gun at least not in 9 , maybe Ill try one of them 32's or a .380 , just to see if its worth all the fuss! My smallest pistol right now is a CZ-82 9X18 Makarov , its shoots great , ammo is cheap , doesnt quite fill the role as pocket gun although it will fit , just too heavy!

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    Kahr CM9 = $397.60 @ CTD, $398 shipped from Buds, yeah I know it's close to $400, but if an extra $50 makes it a no-go, you need to cancel your internet for a month or eat more Ramen.

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    Let me get this straight.

    You have other guns to get you by.
    You are looking for a gun, with fairly specific requirements.
    You say that you will not shoot the pocket gun very much.
    Then you state that for the price of a gun that fills your requirements, you would rather buy a larger firearm that you could/would shoot more often.

    Do I have that right?

    If so, why not just save another few dollars and get the gun that fills your bill? To set an arbitrary dollar limit to your self-defense weapon may be a little short-sighted.

    I am not trying to give you a hard time. I just want to make sure I understand your dilemna.
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    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    In one half of an hour you could do a beautiful job of smoothing up a KelTec .380 frame if some of the casting lines are problematic for you.

    Some KelTec .380s need a "Fluff & Buff" job but, the majority of them feed and function just fine right out of the box.

    The trigger being "plastic" (more like hard Nylon or polymer) has never really really presented a breakage problem.

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    Ruger LC9 is $340 at Buds.
    Ruger LCP is $290 at Buds

    I too am not really getting your dilemma. You have other full size pistols that you don't want to carry. But you're wanting a pocket gun that you're not willing to pay much for. You will pay for what you get and really a few dollars in the cost of a gun is nothing in comparison to how much ammo will cost you to shoot it on any sort of regular basis.

    If you really want a quality pocket gun, bite the bullet and pay for it.

    If you go cheap and buy a Kel Tec you'll understand quickly why it was so cheap. They look and feel like they were made in a dimly lit Chinese garage.

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    I'd go with the KelTec P-3AT...I've had one for 7+ years...never a problem.
    You can practically hide in your hand...with a good pocket holster, you're ready to roll.
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    This is why S&W sells so many airweight j-frames.
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    Size has nothing to do with quality. Quality, however, directly relates to price.
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