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    Question Baby Desert Eagle

    Hello all,
    I am considering purchasing a new pistol for my daughter. She shoots my 1911 well , but after a while she anticipates the recoil.

    I rented a glock 17 and because she did not death grip it, when she fired it kept "catching" the brass as it ejected it. It spooked the hell out her as the 1911 always went bang.

    I was looking at the new S&W M&P in 9mm, but she mentioned the "Baby" Eagle.
    Does anybody have either one of these and how do you like it?


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    Welcome to the forum...
    If she is limpwristing the GLOCK, I dont recommend the M&P.....
    You may consider a Bersa .380.....
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    If she likes the 1911 ergonomics, is comfortable with 1911 and G17 power, and has mentioned the Baby Desert Eagle: consider the CZ line of semi-auto pistols. They've got 380ACP, 9mm, 40cal and 45ACP models.

    Ergonomics are amazingly good. Small-ish grips, so folks without gorilla hands find them comfy. The CZ 75 group of pistols (CZ 75, PCR, P-01, etc) don't requite a death grip to avoid limp-wristing and ejection problems. They're extremely reliable ... ie, go "bang" every time. They take a lot of abuse. They handle +P ammo without breaking. Field stripping is simple and they clean up well. Balance, handling, feel, quality, reliability. It's all there. A nice bonus is that it's one of the least-expensive guns on the market. Go figure. Compared to many other similar packages on the market, I feel the CZ 75 series would be a good value at even double the price (in the realm of SIGs, 1911s). Given size considerations alone, I'd suggest you both take a look at the CZ's if the Baby Eagle is of interest.

    I purchased a CZ P-01 9mm a couple of months ago. Currently, I've sent it to my gunsmith for a bit of tuning and smoothing, as this is going to be my full-time carry piece. (I always do that to my carry unit. Not needed really, as it's amazingly reliable.) It's 28oz, compact enough to carry either IWB or OWB, and is everything that CZ's are known for in terms of reliability, quality, ergonomics. Heavy enough and low-centerline enough to be very low-recoil and easy to handle, but light enough (@ 28oz) to carry every day. Wonderful gun.

    - Michael
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    I've had a Baby Eagle (Uzi Eagle variant) for quite a while and like it a lot. Mine's the full-size, all-steel, in .40 S&W. I keep it in a ready condition in a convenient place.

    It's a very comfortable pistol to shoot, with excellent accuracy and reliability. The trigger is pretty good in double-action, and quite good in single. The only thing I'm not too fond of is the safety. It requires an upward push with the thumb, as contrasted with the more natural downward sweep of the 1911. Aside from that, the ergonomics are just fine. The grips have a good feel, and the contour of the mainspring housing fits most hands well. I like the angle of the grips/frame as well -- points naturally.

    I've looked at some of the new models with the composite frame, including the compacts, and one of them would be a good choice for someone who was looking for a DA/SA type pistol. Should be especially easy to shoot in 9mm, and fairly affordable.
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    Thanks everyone,
    I appreciate the advice..


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