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What is the furthest distance you have shot?

This is a discussion on What is the furthest distance you have shot? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A little shy of 900 yards with a .50 Barrett. It almost knocked me off the picnic table but it was a LOT of fun!...

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  • Under 50 yards

    5 3.82%
  • Up to 100 yards

    18 13.74%
  • Up to 200 yards

    15 11.45%
  • Up to 300 yards

    21 16.03%
  • Up to 400 yards

    11 8.40%
  • Up to 600 yards

    22 16.79%
  • Up to 700 yards

    2 1.53%
  • up to 800 yards

    6 4.58%
  • Up to 1000 yards

    13 9.92%
  • Over 1000 yards

    18 13.74%
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Thread: What is the furthest distance you have shot?

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    Feb 2007
    A little shy of 900 yards with a .50 Barrett.

    It almost knocked me off the picnic table but it was a LOT of fun!

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    Aug 2011
    Washington /San Juan's
    800yrds - 308 norma - HiTower custom/mauser/douglas heavy barrel- 200gr Sierra -compressed powder load -

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    Feb 2008
    If your talking about shooting at a target/game about 300 yards,but I have shot farther but seeing as how I missed I'm not sure where the bullet stopped
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    Sep 2011
    Aztec NM
    Coyote 480 yards with 7mm mag
    deer 675 yards with 300RUM
    Numberous prarie dogs over 500 yards with 22-250
    Milk Jugs out to 800 with 7mm, 300RUM, and AR-15
    10in steel plate out to 125 yards with Kimber 10mm
    Steel Pig target out to 200 yards with 41 mag and 454 Casull
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    VIP Member Array glockman10mm's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Central Kentucky
    At Game with a handgun my furthest has been close to 140 yards. With a rifle, I am not really sure what the furthest is at man, but animals Id say about an honest 225 maybe 250 yards.
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    Jan 2011
    Raleigh, NC
    210 yards, took a 140lb doe. Biggest deer i ever killed, dropped in her tracks. Nothing to brag about but lots of fun.
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    Jul 2006
    Texas, South of the Sabine
    not the longest kill shot, but in 1977 I took a coyote out of the freshly bailed hay meadow from the seat of an idling tractor at 100+ yards, unsupported, with an 1893 Win pump with .22 short. I would say that's a long shot relative to the chambering

    A couple of years ago I dropped a trotting coyote at a bit over 300 yards from a kneeling position with a Rem 700 22/250. Still most proud of the .22 short "long range kill"
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    Apr 2008
    In Delaware, East of the Mason Dixon Line.
    500 meters prone 5.56mm delivered via M16A2 open iron, last time was '89 or '90. My best practical shot; I took a deer at 202 yards (range finder) with my Encore muzzleloader.
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    The .22 Short is really pretty amazing for what it is. Good shot! It wasn't actually an 1890 Winchester pump was it?

    Sounds like a shot my dad made a few years ago to "scare" away a feral dog seen roaming down the hill about a hundred yards from the house. He loaded up a Winchester Model 67 rifle with a CB cap, intending to shoot near by the German Shepard sized dog. Accidentally landed the feeble bullet right on the dog which ran in very tight and frantic circle for several revolutions and fell down dead. I'm not sure if he could ever determine where he hit the dog.
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    Jul 2009
    Hickory, NC
    Not much of a reason for distance shooting around here. .270 with handloads into the neck of a doe at 110 yards. I'm shooting over a clearcut this year, might be able to stretch that a bit.
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

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    Apr 2008
    South Coast LA Cty
    Voted up to 100 yds. Just with handgun. Maybe I'll take my Savage over/under single-shot .22LR / 20 guage from 40+ years of ownership to the outdoor range someday soon. Enjoyed the accounts of your long shots, all.
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    Aug 2009

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    Jul 2006
    Texas, South of the Sabine
    yep, it was an 1890 gallery model with octagonal barrel, short only, built pre-1920 I think. I miss that gun, but gve it back to it's previous owner after I nurtured it for over 35 years. Mine was a great shooter for those that could see the knife edged sights.

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    Oct 2011
    425 yards, elk kill, Big Hole River

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    Nov 2007
    My .40 carry off a bench, 100 meters, 8" group.

    7.62x54 PSL, 4x scope, 400 meters (extent of safe shooting on property) 3" group. Anything under 300m is not any fun anymore.

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