I never thought I would ask this:

I never thought I would ask this:

This is a discussion on I never thought I would ask this: within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just came into about $3000 dollars. No one died, it's not from an insurance deal from loss of limb, etc... it was a "just ...

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Thread: I never thought I would ask this:

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    I never thought I would ask this:

    I just came into about $3000 dollars. No one died, it's not from an insurance deal from loss of limb, etc... it was a "just take the money and do what you want with it" deal.

    Well, I am a gun owner, gun collector, gun person, gun admirier, well you get the idea.

    Now, about $1000 of it will be used to get either one big safe or two 16 gun safes (this will cover all my long arms as well as all the pistols). That leaves 2k to go.

    Now, I know that 2k isn't much but I was thinking of getting into Class 3 items. I want a smg and all that I know of in the 2k range are the old Mac's and maybe some UZI's.

    So, if you had 2k to "blow", what would you go for? I know that getting into Class III items is expensive, and yes, I could buy a threaded barrel for the USP and then a silencer but the thought of getting a smg is more appealing.

    Thank for all or any replies.


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    A couple things come to mind.

    1. M&P40 for $500 and $100 for accessories
    2. AR15 with accessories $800
    3. Ammo for the last $600

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Soooooo...you are completely ruling out Vegas, hookers, and booze at a possible use? :c)
    "Skin that smokewagon!".

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    Wow Wayne - nice aquisition

    My own thinking on class III stuff - forget it!! Prices start in multiple thousands the way I see it. Don't forget the $200 tax stamp too.

    No - I would myself consider another gun as a ''treat'' - such as a high end loaded 1911 maybe - but also - a boatload of ammo - that too is still, even if consumable, a mighty useful investment.

    Got a good quality AR yet? Another option - nice FAL maybe?
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    I agree w/P95 on the Class III stuff.

    If you don't have one already, I would go for a Dillon RL550B, a couple thousand cases of my favorite calibers, bullets, some complete toolheads, powder and primers. Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. :)

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    I would definitely have to add an M1A Springfield, and a very nice WWII era M1. I think that takes care of the $2000 and then some. Wow, I wish I had your dilemma!
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    Now, about $1000 of it will be used to get either one big safe or two 16 gun safes (this will cover all my long arms as well as all the pistols).

    Buy a lot more "Safe" than you currently need, you will buy more guns right? Iffin' you have 20 guns, buy a 40 gun safe.
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

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    where can I sign up for this "deal"????

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    I'd spend most of it on wine, women and song.

    Then I'd waste the rest.....

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    Wayne, I would not be too hot to get a Class III MAC or Uzi, unless you plan on getting into competetion. Having had the chance to shoot an M16, MP5K, MP5 as well, there is a world of difference. The Uzi and MAC are bullet hoses, and not much more (though the Uzi is better handling IMHO). Okay for sport, fairly boring by yourself, on the range.

    Here's a thought: http://www.dsarms.com/item-detail.cf...TOKEN=33029821

    Last I checked- $1395 (+ tax stamp). Mags were about $30/each, and accessories are readily available at the moment. For the money, this is the only way to go!

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    3 grand, to be spent on gun stuff.

    Ammo. Lots of ammo. A veritable SHTF stash. An SKS and 1K of 7.62x39 each to be kept at my folks' and my brother's houses. Figure about $500 - $1000.

    Get a progressive press (let's see, red, green or blue koolaid???), get into casting, stock up on consumables and spare parts. Another $500 - $700

    Find new homes for a few guns I'm finding difficult to master or downright inaccurate, replace them with higher quality equivalents (I'm thinking a CZ in .40, Springfield GI, SP101). Parts and accessories for same, inc. technical data and service tools.

    Invest in a class with whatever might be left.

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    Ed Brown, Special Forces, 1911, Model: SF-BB-CAL, all blue: $2195

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    Eugene, OR
    Well, I thank you for the replies.

    Rob, nice pistol but it was made in 2000 so it can't be owned by us peons.... errrr.... civilians.

    As for the class III stuff, I don't know it's just a "thing" to have a fully auto. I may just forget about it for the time being.

    As for the high end 1911's, to tell you the truth I like the lower ends like Kimber and SA. That way I can "customize it" to my specs and I'm not worried about buying a high end piece and then change anything out on it that I don't like.

    I have an AR-15 with both the .223 and 7.62x39 uppers. I could use (if I could find) some 7.62 higher capacity mags through but the ones that worked (the frankenstein AK's that a company made awhile ago) aren't on the market anylonger.

    The safes are going to be two 20 gun safes made by Browning. They are on sale here at Bi-Mart but the only thing is that they have a low fire rating (about 30 min IIRC and a lower flash point in the interior). I have to buy these and not one big safe due to S&H from the companies that have them and I can't stress the floor of the house at one point but can in numerous points.

    I was thinking of maybe a Mauser Broomhandle with stock. I don't know if you have to buy the tax stamp for those. Or even better would be a Luger with stock.

    The only other thing that I was thinking about was a 20gauge SBS. I don't want a 12 gauge due to I've shot the mossberg 18.5" barrel with pistol grip and it was HECK on recoil / hand pain. I could just imagine a SBS in 12ga.

    I will continue to look around. If anyone has anything that they are selling then give me a PM. I should have the money in about a week.

    Thanks again.


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    You could always build one of those 10/22 gatling gun kits.

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    Last I heard the Mausers with the stocks are considered C&Rs and you don't have to pay the tax stamp but I could be wrong. If I were going to buy a Class III it wouldn't be an Uzi or Mac.

    I'd much rather get a suppressor for my Ruger MKII or my Sig 220. Or maybe a 14" barreled 12 guage. My choice would be an 870. Then buy another handgun and lots of ammo. My gun would be either a Sig 239 or 229, in 40 and two tone. But I'm a Sig addict.

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