Swiss Mini Gun

Swiss Mini Gun

This is a discussion on Swiss Mini Gun within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Thought you guys would find this funny/interesting. I havent found much info on it other than a few measurements (It's total length does not exceed ...

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Thread: Swiss Mini Gun

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    Swiss Mini Gun

    Thought you guys would find this funny/interesting. I havent found much info on it other than a few measurements (It's total length does not exceed 5.5 cm. It shoots 2.34 m/m rim-fire ammunition). I'm pretty sure that I would never own anything like this as I could probably throw the gun and hurt someone more than those little bullets can. LOL But in any event I think it good for a laugh.

    Enjoy Folks!
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    Thanks for the link!
    This thing turned up in a homeland security newsletter last week. No info., just a pic. It was the "weapon of the week".
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    Saw this some time ago - may even have posted here I think.

    Altho not strictly to scale - tweaked it into some pics to give some idea!! Found this one -

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    95, Jerry is gonna be ticked off that you are showing his piece online to us. I just know Tom is chasing him now.
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    Alllllrighty then. Is it possible to keep the trigger finger behind the barrel? Methinks mine might stick out in front. Guess you could pull the trigger with your fingernail instead.
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    Wouldn't mind trying it or just adding it to the collection as a point of intrest
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    Gotta check out the gallery section....
    Got one blinged out...
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