I just picked up my Just Right 9mm Carbine from ATI today, and took it out to run it through the paces. This carbine is "multi-caliber", i.e. to change calibers you simply replace the mag well, barrel, and bolt. You also have the option of switching ejection to either side. It accepts Glock magazines of any size, and with a quick mag well switch will accept magazines from pretty much any popular handgun. The carbine comes standard with an aluminum quad rail, and telescoping buttstock. I paid a bit over $500 bucks for it. It was a blizzard here in northern AZ so bear in mind the gun and mags were pretty much soaked the whole time I was shooting, not that that should do anything.

First off, I personally like the way the gun looks and feels. The one thing I didn't like right off the bat was the disassembly for basic cleaning. I like to clean and familiarize myself with any new gun before I go out blasting away with it, and this carbine - which is suppose to model the AR-15 - requires you to remove the buttstock to get to the bolt, bolt extension, firing pin exc., unlike the AR which simply has a lower and upper that come apart. So, long story short, to get the stock off you need to have a castle wrench to undo the nut, which I don't have (and the gun doesn't come with). So I ended up using a piece of plastic, a rubber mallet, and assorted profanities. The only other negative thing I have to mention before I get to the actual range report is that the magazines feel lose in the mag well, and it is hard to discern when you have properly seated the magazine (normally I just give it a slap, but JR suggests you don't do that with this firearm).

So off to the blizzard shoot. I put 200 rounds of UMC through the gun, and since I didn't really want to be out there it was pretty much rapid fire the whole time, mag after mag. Out of that 200 rounds, I had two FTE's, both on the absolute last round. I don't know if this gun requires a break in period, but I don't remember seeing that in the manual. Other than the two FTE's the guns ejection was very consistent, although a little anemic, falling roughly 2-3 feet from me each time. I have a feeling the 115gr UMC might be a possible cause of the FTE's and anemic ejection, as the bolt and solid steal buffer that JR newly updated make for a pretty hefty load to work back and forth. Anyways the gun handled well, and I was able to get 2 inch groups at 50 yards with an old Bushnell scope I borrowed from one of my .22's. I'll have to use that until I get some pop-up sights for it. I plan on taking it out again to try some higher quality target rounds, in addition to my carry round, 147gr Ranger T's. Hope that was helpful, all in all I like the gun, and I think it will be a blast to plink with and use as a whatever gun.

Just Right 9mm Carbine - A Range Report-img_0719-1-.jpg