Bump fire a handgun?

Bump fire a handgun?

This is a discussion on Bump fire a handgun? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; It's not really a CCW tactic, but it's not a specific gun either. So mods can move this if they wish. I read in the ...

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Thread: Bump fire a handgun?

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    Bump fire a handgun?

    It's not really a CCW tactic, but it's not a specific gun either. So mods can move this if they wish.

    I read in the Defensive Rifles and Shotguns section in a thread titled "Full Auto" about someone "bump-firing" a semi auto handgun. I am having trouble visualizing the description.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amnesia Wes View Post
    I saw a segment on the Outdoor Network, where a 'sharpshooter' took a stock 1911 .45 semi-automatic and fired it 'full-auto'.

    It was the damnest thing I've ever seen.

    He placed his left handed thumb, between his trigger-finger on his right hand and the trigger guard, and after firing the first round, the gun would cycle the next round in.

    At almost the same instant, his trigger finger (right hand) would 'bump' his thumb from his left hand, spring back, and fire the next round.

    This would go on repeatedly until he ran out of ammo, which took all of 3-4 seconds!

    It was quite a sight to see.

    Has anyone ever done this successfully? If could figure out how to put my hands, I'd like to at least try it. All it would do is waste ammo, but the smile might be worth it.

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    I think this can better sit in General Firearms

    I have never tried this with a handgun but - would certainly expect the 1911 platform to do best. Main problem is aquiring and maintaining the hold that lets each recoil event result in gun and finger contact remaking just right - to permit a new release. Trigger of course also has to reset - making things that bit harder.

    IMO totally impractical - as is in some ways doing this with an AK - fun tho if ammo in good supply!!
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    There used to be some kind of device, a little lever with a heavy spring on it, and it went right behind the trigger of an AR-15. If you stuck your finger on the trigger -- and then pulled forward (away from you) on the handguard, your trigger finger in conjunction with the lever and spring would bounce the trigger, firing full auto.
    Of course, I can't think of how you'd manage to hit very much. I guess this guy would have been using the same principle with his thumb and trigger finger as a way to bounce the trigger.

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    I had a Sig P239 that I could do it with once. It took a little practice and some concentration, but it was quite possible with that gun.

    I can't really describe very well how I did it other than to say that I held the grip loose; I hung onto it with only my pinky.

    The rest of my hand was in something of a tunnel configuration around the grip of the pistol. My thumb was hooked around the top of the grip, and I pressed inward with the webbing of my hand periodically.

    And I put just the right amount of pressure on my trigger finger. The pistol's recoil would bounce the grip between the webbing of my hand the trigger finger.

    It would empty out a magazine real quick.

    But I couldn't hit squat shooting that way....

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    The device DavidIII is referring to is called Hell-Fire, and was available for most semi-auto rifles. It may still be available.
    I've heard stories in LE of guys hanging their guns on the coat hook on back of the stall door while using the restroom and the gun firing repeatedly on the hook in recoil. For this to happen with a 1911 there would have to be some serious issues with the gun, since the manual safety and grip safety would have to be defeated.
    I was on a SWAT call-out call on duty where a guy shot himself twice in the head, thru the mouth, with a semi-auto AR15. Obviously a case of a bump-fire in recoil. (He was barricaded in his bedroom alone, and officers on scene heard both shots; so we are 100% sure it was a suicide).
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    Wouldn't there be excessive wear and tear if not designed for full auto? I would think there would be excessive heat build up as well.

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    BTDT, heck you should see me lay waste to 50 rounds JFF when at the mineing claim, with out bump fire, yes it gets hot but it is stull fun.
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    I saw the show the shooter did the bump fire. Yes a SA gun would be needed, something with light trigger pull. Just be careful , if you do try it.
    AR's are easy to bumpfire , and can be somewhat accurate.
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    I belive Bob Mundon ( sp) is the shooters name that i originaly saw bump fire a 1911 , he also would 5 finger fan a SAA so fast that it sounded like one long report .
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    Not a problem concerning excessive wear on the firearm or overheating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    I belive Bob Mundon ( sp) is the shooters name
    I had that tape also (Bob Munden is the way it's spelled...I think )
    It also showed him fire 3 rounds from a single action Colt cowboy pistol much quicker than 3 rounds from a 1911...
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    He wasnt bump firing, I remember being in the lane next to a guy from SC or TN when his .38S Para went full-auto. Dang good shot too. At 15 yards, the spread of my hand covered his full-auto hits.

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