A tale of Three Guns

A tale of Three Guns

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Thread: A tale of Three Guns

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    A tale of Three Guns

    Once upon a time.... err,

    Well, I just got too sick of work (this has been a LONG week) and took a half day mental day.

    I went and got three guns that I had brought (one a couple of months ago) and still haven't shot.

    They were:

    Kimber 1911 Pro-Carry .45acp (of course)
    Glock 23 .40S&W
    Taurus .38 special M85 Ultra-Light (snubbie 2")

    Okay, I shot the Taurus first. I fired Lellier & Bellot FMJ 158 grs. I fired at about 10 yards (make up for the 7 yard and the 15 yard distance kinda sorta).

    Groups: Not really a group sort of pistol. I was doing head shots and the shots where about where I aimed and close but it's not something that would win any medals. On both cyclinders (I only fired 10) I hit the head and not on the side but greater mass. I think I had one shot (didn't save my targets) that was closer to the side of the head but I don't think that it would have bounced off a real person.

    Trigger: Not bad really. With tauras it's a crap shoot when it comes to triggers (and guns but that is another story). In SA it had a very light pull before it went bang. Nice and crisp with a "surprise" bang. DA was just as smooth. On the .357 model that I bought, and then got rid of, the DA was gritty (and also *take off the gr and add an Sh*).

    Handling: Was Quite surprised that an Ultra-Light wasn't as bad with recoil as I thought it would have. Very controllable to say the least. Yes, it had a bit of a snap but not very hard on the wrist. I think that even a small male or female would be able to handle the gun. It may be abit more painful to them then with me but I don't think it would deter them from firing it.

    Overall: Quite pleased with this pistol. I'm batting 666.3 with Tauras as I've had two good ones (this one and a .44 special) but not with the .357 snub.

    Kimber Pro-Carry: Bought this gun used with some work already done to it. Fired A-Merc 230gr Ball.

    Groups: Not bad but I was alittle disappointed. To tell you the truth it may have been me. I was shooting abit low and had about 3 flyers out of 4 magazines (28 shots). Then again, it was the first time firing it so I wasn't used to the trigger. The groups, even low, were about average for my shooting skill (not great).

    Trigger: The trigger had a trigger job done to it at some time. I would guess that the trigger was sitting at maybe 3.5 to 3 lbs. It was low but not low enough to cause any problems (like accidents). It was crisp and with a "surprise" bang as well.

    Handling: Not bad. I have custom grips on it (Haken's) and it was very comfortable to grip. It is a light pistol (aluminum frame) and you could tell that it wasn't an all steel 1911. The recoil was abit more than an all steel but even with it's lighter frame, very easy to handle.

    Magazines: 1 Star, 1 GI Issue, 1 "real colt issue" POS china crap. The Star hickupped once and then ran flawlessly. The GI issue (it is a real one) hickupped twice and then ran flawlessly (it was fresh out of the packate it came in and just wiped down). The POS china "real colt" crap, well, I think that says it all.

    Overall: Nice pistol, love the trigger which I know some would not. Mags ran well after they were broken in (that is if it wasn't just plain broken POS china "real colt" crap).

    Glock 23: This one was the biggest surprise. This is the FIRST time that I've ever shot a Glock. Let me be the first to tell all those that I Glocked Bashed... well, I'll tell you in a minute:

    Groups: Either I was born to Glock, or Glocks were specially made for me. I couldn't get a bad group (for my skill / semi horrible) unless I purposely did it. On most of the groups I made a small hole and then made it bigger. I fired PMC 180gr FMJ/FP ammo, 36 rounds.

    Handling: For a .40S&W it was a dream to fire when it comes to recoil. I think that a small male or female wouldn't have that much of a problem with it. For tupperwear (I have a USP .45 also so I can say that ) it absorbed the recoil very well. Sights are dead on and very easy to see/aquire. The only problem that I had was that the web of my hand was abit too high. No slide bites but I could feel the slide coming back and cycling. Wasn't hitting my skin but was close enough to feel the entire cycle.

    Trigger: I like it. I like the way after you depress the safety, it goes back and has that tiny bit of hang (stop?) that you feel right before it goes bang. I used that to manage my shots by bringing it back to the "hang" and knowing that with just a wee bit more pressure (not much at all) it would go bang. I know that some don't like the trigger but it was easy to get used to (first shot) and great after that.

    Magazines: Glock factory 13 rounders (standard). No failures or flaws at all. Easy to load and seat into the pistol. The only bad thing was that the slide release is abit far for me. I had to reach my thumb in order to release the slide.

    Overall: Very surprised overall. Great shooter, flawless in function. I used to bash Glocks but not any longer. I don't love them, I don't hate them, I think that they are a very well put together firearm. Easy to shoot and fun also. It's differently a POA type firearm and will hit where you want it to. It outshot the Kimber. I would put it right up there with my USP .45 .

    Had a fun mental health day. Why needs to spend $150 dollars an hour when you can go to the range and spend alot less and have fun. The only bad thing is that my trigger finger was mauled (biten to the bone in multiple places) by a stray cat. It is going to hurt more and more as I age and right now it's stiff and hurting abit. Damn that cat.


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    Sounds like an altogether pleasant outing. I think you have talked me into one of those type days. Maybe tomorrow!!

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    My Kimbers came with very good triggers, clean without creep & about 3.5#. They don't like cheap magazines, go ahead & get some good ones!

    I own 2 Glock 23s, I carried one for years. My wife thought they were ugly....until....she shot it, now I have 2 G23s, she carries the other one.

    IMHO, good choices..................stay safe
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    Any session at the range is better than being at work

    Sounds like the snub was about OK - I doubt you'll get anything better as results - it does the job tho!! Bet the grips help.

    You shot some A-Merc .45acp - well heck - that is about as rough as ammo gets so - expect fliers IMO!!
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    I wonder why I'm even at work today....

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    i'd say that you were at work because they wouldnt pay you to stay home and get paid for very long =O)

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