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New to the ccw, Is uscca worth it or a scam?

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Thread: New to the ccw, Is uscca worth it or a scam?

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    Huge scam. Anything would be better.
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    I learn something new everyday!!!
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    "Scam" would be an inappropriately harsh word. You are buying a magazine. Its content is a little thin, IMO.
    I have the same complaint with Time.

    I had a 3 year subscription which I did not renew. That point notwithstanding, when I had an active subscription certainly
    I did look forward to receiving each issue.
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    I was a member and liked the magazine very much. However, once they started the insurance they would not give you the option just to get the magazine. To my way of thinking, they were holding a gun to your head. I dropped out.

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    I signed up awhile back for a year. After 6 months I had enough and canceled. To their credit they promptly refunded my remaining six months. For numerous reasons, I don't recommend them.

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    I got tired of its constant spam well before it changed focus.
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    When they first started I joined. The Magazine seamed to go down hill. It had less and less that interested me. I never renewed.

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    Master of marketing

    Mr. Schmidt's USCCA is one of the best examples of marketing genius ever implemented. Got me once shortly after it was formed. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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    If he would bring the price down I think it could be successful. Perhaps no more color prints and going to strictly online/electronic publication. Most of the paper hard copy print seems to be going that route.

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    I did not renew this year. Last time I did a Platinum membership I think it was. Anyway the package was supposed to include me getting items to try out and submit a review on. I think the price was 75.00. Never got even a pencil to try out. Now they got this new deal going? Why should I trust them??

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    I was a member from the begging in feb ran it out the mag was good, the wed was not to good they want morer money, for insurance that in your state to see if a lawer will take it.

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    Thanks for the info on USCCA. I guess there are lots of these organizations. Do anyone have info about Florida Carry?

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    Uscca - scam or legit? (who's their board members, who's their exec director)

    The USCCA has nothing about who really runs and operates their Association, so thus this alludes me to believe it's probably an organization that does not warrant my membership.

    Also, USCCA does not outline anywhere on their website who is providing member's such insurance and legal coverage as it proposes member's are entitled to when they join.

    So are member's getting RIPPED OFF and who is providing member's with insurance and criminal defense FREE?

    As Ronald Reagan said "TRUST BUT VERIFY" and I urge anyone dealing with this association (that lacks a Board of Directors, lacks an Executive Director, lacks providing insurance carrier and lawyer information) to really do some investigative reporting.

    USCCA has no where any information on their website or anywhere else in fact as to who their Board of Directors, Executive Director are of this association - I'M VERY CAUTIOUS WHEN I SEE THINGS LIKE THIS.

    Personally, I think USCCA is a good marketing ploy by some individual out there. Whether Member's ever get insurance and legal support coverage who knows!

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    I have been getting the magazine on and off since 2007, at least that what says on my membership page. I agree the magazine has taken a turn for the worse. I was all set to buy one of the legal packages until I did a search for a review and it brought me the question is, where do I turn for legal insurance in case I need it, or is there such a thing. Also, whereto find some information on laws, legal advice, what to say and not to say to the law, what my rights are, stuff like that. Even a good book would be nice.
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    Thumbs down USCCA

    I liked the USCCA at the beginning and enjoyed the magazine. However I too will not renew after trying the changes. Too much money from my pocket for what could have been a good thing until greed!

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