How to prevent recoil anticipation?

How to prevent recoil anticipation?

This is a discussion on How to prevent recoil anticipation? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I hope that is the correct terminology. As many know, I've been taking my 8-year-old daughter to the range lately. She's been 4 times in ...

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Thread: How to prevent recoil anticipation?

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    How to prevent recoil anticipation?

    I hope that is the correct terminology.

    As many know, I've been taking my 8-year-old daughter to the range lately. She's been 4 times in the last 3 months. Unfortunately, rather than getting better, she is getting worse. The problem is very apparent. Right before pulling the trigger, she closes her eyes, and moves the gun down about an inch. Now, she's shooting a Walther P22, which has very little recoil to begin with. So I'm not sure what the issue is. I moved her target up to 1 yard last time just to see why her rounds weren't hitting the target at all. Well, turns out all of the rounds are hitting in a nice little group about 10" below the center.

    Now, I've explained to her what she is doing. I think she knows what she is doing. I just don't know how to help her. What can I say to her that will help her stay on target when she pulls the trigger?
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    Get her some tactical training with Massad Ayoob Group?

    Ok, I'm totally joking!

    I think with the young 'uns, that is a pretty natural reaction to being less than comfortable with something that is going bang. I'd bet that as long as you stay positive with her and keep exposing her to the fun of shooting, she'll work it out on her own. I wouldn't get too fixated on it because that's most likely going to take the enjoyment out of it and then you'll have bigger problems.

    Maybe get a BB pistol and let her get some exposure to shooting a projectile without any bang at all.

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    Dry fire!! But I doubt you can get most 8 y/o's to take up the routine. It can be tedious even to dedicated shooters.
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    Kudos for introducing your daughter to the shooting sports! Recoil anticipation is a natural response to loud noise and pressure wave that accompanies firing a round. Try dry firing and make a game out of it. For example place a dime on the front sight. Every time she pulls the trigger and the dime stays in place she wins the dime.
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    Have her shoot from a bench.
    Have her rapid fire the gun. She won't have time to think about the recoil and after a couple of mags of that, go back to slow fire.
    Give her enough things to think about that she forgets to think about recoil: Which way do the sights go when the gun fires, honey? Then hold the trigger back after the gun goes off, and let it out just until it clicks.
    After you shoot, put the sights back on the target where it went off the first time.
    After you shoot, put a mark on a miniature target beside you where you think the bueelt hit, based on where the sights were. Make that an O, and we'll make the actual hit an X and put a line between them.
    Not only is this distracting her from the recoil, it's teaching her vital skills--working the trigger reset, calling her shots, and IDing grip problems with sight deflection.

    It works! Maybe not for 8 year olds...LOL
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    Get her a good set of ear muffs. I think you'll find that it's the noise that is making her flinch much more than the actual recoil. JMHO!
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    You can use a laser-sight, and get her to watch the laser-sight when she dry-fires. This can help reduce most people's inclination to tilt while squeezing, because you can see the effect. And then the idea of 'unloading mags' can work. Just get her used to firing and recoil, with less concern about where the bullets hit.

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