Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in awhile...

Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in awhile...

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Thread: Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in awhile...

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    Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in awhile...

    I went to the range yesterday and bought some high dollar toys to play with. Some guns, several suppressors,lots of ammo. One of the gun shops that I do business with decided to have a "range session" with anyone in the store that wanted to show up. The owner shows ups and lays out about 100 grand worth of guns on the table with ammo for anyone that wanted to shoot. It took him and his employees a while just to unload all of their stuff.

    About a dozen people showed up. We shot everything from .50 BMG's to silenced .22's and everything in between. We blew up about 20 pounds of Tannerite and was sure that we'd get the cops called on us, but they never came.

    We even had one of the new Osama Bin Laden "bleeding" Zombie targets, that actually bled when shot. Picture a foam life sized target that when shot bleeds red. One thing we found out is that a half pound jar of Tannerite inserted into a foam Zombie target will disappear when shot and I mean completely, as in here one second and gone the next. It was a blast to shoot. Literally.

    The pawn shop owner had ordered a few suppressors from me and wanted to shoot them. Since he doesn't have the paperwork from the ATF yet, I told him that I'd bring them up and let him play with them but I would have to take them back home with me.

    He put a AAC .30 cal can on a AR-10. It was the ECO model and it was very,very impressive. Very quite even with full power ammo. That thing gets hot really quick though. While we were letting it cool off, we shot 3 boxes of 550 rounds of .22 ammo though various suppressors.

    Back to the subject of Tannerite. If you have never tried it, and blowing something up wouldn't bring the wrath of local officials that don't want you to have any fun down on you, then you need to try it. Its a two part compound that is inert until you mix it up. When mixed, it takes a pretty good shot to set it off, they recommend a .30 cal rifle but the bigger pistol calibers will do it.

    Minimum recommend distance is 25 yards with a half pound of the stuff. We set some 5 pounders at at 100 yards and we could feel the thump on our chests and in the fillings in our teeth. It was great and we laughed like a bunch of maniacs. Some anti-gunners might have thought us drunk if they had observed us after that first big blast, but we were just having fun.

    Another thing about Tannerite. A discussion at the gun shop was had that involved an FN 5.7 and a standard issue Kevlar helmet. The discussion was would it or would it not penetrate. The conclusion? Don't expect a Kevlar helmet to stop one. It wont. Using an HK PDW it was sufficiently shredded. Since we had a worthless helmet we wondered if Tannerite would have any effect on it. Well, I didn't really, but they did. So a 5 pound charge was set in the helmet and it was shot. And blown up. Into smithereens. Anyone ever seen smithereens? Parts of that kevlar overlay floated back down to earth for a couple of minutes. Other than yellow patches of kelvar, none bigger than an inch or so scattered over perhaps 50 yards or so, no larger part of the helmet was found.

    One of the employees shot a .22 pistol with a can on, one of my demo models and decided that he couldn't live without one. Being just a broke gun shop employee that I've known most of his life, he wanted to deal and wondered if I would trade guns for a .22 can. "Talk to me" I said.

    He told me up front, what he had was worth more than the suppressor, so he would like a tax stamp with it. "Keep talking" I said. Knowing that he knows the value of guns, I was wondering what he would come up with. He knows that I collect Milsurp rifles so he offered up a pristine Jap Arisaka. With the Mum intact and a mono pod. And the aircraft sights. In very good condition. With matching serial numbers. I was about to say YES right there on the spot. For those that don't collect Milsurps, rifles with the Mums intact are getting hard to find. Most of the mums were ground off or defaced, so a rifle with a Mum means that it is a battlefield pickup back in the day when returning GI's could bring captured weapons back home with them.They were war trophies, a concept unknown to any soldiers less than 35 or 40 years old in todays Army. So he goes to the truck and gets the rifle and hands it to me. It just so happens that I have been on the lookout for such a rifle and have been unable to find anyone that wanted to part with one.

    So, I'm going over the rifle, in a mild state of shock, and he says, "I'll throw in a Sig 225 9mm with 4 mags for the Tax stamp". He gets the Sig,complete with blue case and hands it to me. He says, " Yeah I know you are making out like a bandit, but I don't care. I just want a can with a stamp and it would take me forever to be able to afford it.

    Me, being the helpful sort of guy that I am, reluctantly agreed. I had to think about it for a minute...ok, may more like a second, but when one deals in guns or horses, you never ever show emotion. It gives the other guy the upper hand if he knows how you feel about it. So, trying to look the part of the serious gun dealer I just say, umm...ok....I guess it'll be alright. He breaks out in a laughter and says "don't try it". You know its a great deal. We laugh together and I load up both the Arisaka and another Sig, bringing the total to 8, I think, maybe 9 Sigs.

    So,me and my son went to the range, got to shoot lots of stuff, blow some stuff up, trade for some guns and to top it all off, my Mom and Dad took the whole family out to eat, so even that was free. All in all a great day.

    And yes,its true....
    Even a blind hog finds and acorn once in awhile.
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    Sounds like a good day, all in all!
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    Wow sounds like a second Christmas or next years came early.
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    Another day in paradise.
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    I'm jealous beyond words, right now.

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    I hope you bought a lottery ticket to, it definitely was your lucky day!
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    Definitely better than my day.
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    Tannerite is quite a bit of fun. I have never gotten beyond the 1# range, but still, it is nonetheless fun.

    Congrats on the deal, sounds like you did okay for yourself. I personally thing the Sig 225 is generally under-rated, mostly because of mag capacity, but I have yet to find anyone who shoots mine and doesn't enjoy shooting it.
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    I'd say any day at the range where you can shoot cool guns with someone else's ammo, blow stuff up, and make a killer trade is a pretty darned good day!
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