Taser to Twelve Gauge

Taser to Twelve Gauge

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Thread: Taser to Twelve Gauge

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    Taser to Twelve Gauge

    Was at the local Scheel's when the guy who sold me a Mossberg 590 stopped me and told me he talked to a guy who was looking for something similar (I got the last one ) This is the story he tells me.

    There was a guy who called from Milwaukee who said that he worked in bad areas, which aren't hard to find, and that he normally carried two Tasers as self defense, but they weren't working. So he was wondering if they had any EXTENDED MAG 12 GAUGES. The guy goes from non-lethal Tasers to one of the best manstoppers around

    I just can't figure that one out. Plus, loaded weapons aren't legal in WI, IIRC.
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    Lots of armchair commandos out there. 2 tasers seems awful bulky and expensive. I highly doubt this guy was being truthful. Especially as you pointed out, going from taser to 12 ga. is quite a leap. (but if he conceals 2 tasers , 1 12 ga. souldn't be a problem)
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    My BS Meter Alarm is going off.

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    Just plain weird...

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    Sounds like a baited question to me.

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    And I know a guy with just the thing: a smith I used to know had a competition Rem 11-87, with a 26" barrel, and full-length tube, held something like 14 rounds. The only trouble I see would be the stability of the elevator shoes required to keep the Big-N-Tall trenchcoat off the ground!

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