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Guns stolen from home and cars

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Thread: Guns stolen from home and cars

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    I lost a Glock the same way, years ago. It was in the late 90's and just married. We lived in an apartment. We came home late one night and I left my Glock in the glove box. I never did that, it was very unusual for me to leave it there. I just forgot it that one time. Low and behold next morning I went out to my car and it had been broken into. Gun was gone. I gave the serial# to the police, but so far I've never heard anything. So, lesson learned for me too.

    Of course, I've forgotten my gun in my car a few times over the last few years but at least now my car is parked in a garage.
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    How does one "forget" where they left a gun?
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    Originally Posted by bmcgilvray
    I always sorta like the idea of cutting off thieves' hands. I love the notion of harsh retributive punishment for evildoers.

    We will have as much crime as we are willing to tolerate. It is apparent that, as a nation, we are willing to tolerate quite a lot.
    I like this idea too. But, the act of punishing the thief will make us criminals too... at least in this country.

    Well then, 1st offense, dual thumb amputation. Second offense, dual hand amputation.

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    I don't leave a gun in the car unless one of the mastiffs is in the passenger seat and the window is open a crack. Haven't seen any hands in the gutter yet.
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    No disrespect to all, regarding the use use of safes, but the gun in a home or auto locked is in my opinion secure! The perpetrator had to illegally break into the house or vehicle to get to said weapons. He is the criminal, not the gun or the gun owner. I remember not that long ago, people kept guns openly displayed in their homes and even truck windows and they weren't stolen. It is only when the judicial system started deteriorating and accountability for ones actions eroded that we ended up having to worry about our guns. I personally would not feel guilty if someone stole my gun, then used it to harm someone. It is not my fault, it was s/he that committed the crime, not I.

    Like mentioned by others, take the hand for theft, and see how quickly, crime stops.

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    My years ago my uncle who had the all elusive NYC full carry permit was robbed at shot gun point. He used to sell dry paper goods. Paper cups, plates, napkins,plastic spoons, knifes,forks you get the idea. Well early morning a decent looking fellow comes in and buy a cse of cups and leaves. One minute later knock on the door saying I left my car keys on the table. Sure enough as my uncle opened the door again to return keys he was met with a shoty to the chest.

    The BG and his friend empty their pockets on cash and layed my uncle down along with another customer on the floor and they patted both down for extra cash hidden in pockets or socks. As they got close to my uncle ankle they found the gun and took that too.

    About 6 months later I was listening to the alarm clock radio when 1010 news reported. A man was killed today by a gun that was stolen from a grocery supplier. Yep,uncle gun. He felt bad that his gun was used to kill somebody.

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    If I have to leave a gun in the car, it is in a car safe on a cable, hidden.

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    I've got safes and a dog...someone is usually home...I don't worry too much.
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