Rattling ammo in spare mags

Rattling ammo in spare mags

This is a discussion on Rattling ammo in spare mags within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I use wilson combat magazines for my 1911. The issue I'm having as I'm walking sometimes I can hear the ammo rattling in the magazine. ...

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Thread: Rattling ammo in spare mags

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    Rattling ammo in spare mags

    I use wilson combat magazines for my 1911. The issue I'm having as I'm walking sometimes I can hear the ammo rattling in the magazine. Any way to silence it without messing up the magazine?
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    Would suggest that you STOP putting .40S&W into the .45ACP mag.

    Actually..........most all my mags do the same thing. Wilsons,CM's,etc. Some of the double stack mags will do it also. Shot a Glock the other day and it did it with a OEM G-17 mag stuffed full.

    It might have something to do with shape(ojive) of bullet,OAL of loaded rd.,internal demensions of mag.etc.,etc.

    I have never been able to say that the slight rattle has anything whatsoever to do with the performance of the mag. Even some of the mags that you have to put your foot on in order to get the last rd. into,rattle.

    I have found that lots of the revo's will rattle their loaded ammo,front to back in the cylinder also.

    You'd just think that ammo that is squshed between the top of mag and the follower would remain tighter all the way through the stack. ----------

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    If it's a magazine built by Mec-Gar, call them about the loose ammo. They had an issue in some of their mags with loose ammo, especially for the Taurus PT111. They have a fix they will email you.

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    I've got this problem with my H&K. The mags rattle when full. Never when its short a round. Doesn't effect performance but it is REALLY annoying. All but one of my mags do it.
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    I have found this quite a bit - not tho interestingly enough in SIG mag's.

    I have a load of Argentine nice quality mags for BHP and they will rattle when fully charged. Function does not seem affected at all.
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    Used to get that

    I used to get that in my Smith. Again, only when fully loaded, it would stop if the mag was short a round.

    I found that if I tapped the back of the magazine against the edge of a counter or something (not hard, just a couple of quick taps) it would stop. Would do that before I went out.

    Also for me doesn't happen on my Sig.

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    Happens with my Sig factory mag, but not my Mec-Gar aftermarkets.
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    Never experienced a problem with my glock mags.
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