A while back I posted about the new Ruger K77/357 I was thinking about.

Well, I got a birthday present, a nice, new rifle, the 77/357. The rifle is lightweight, fast handling, and well made. I can't wait to get out to the range, but that will have to wait for a week or two. The only thing I don't like is the front sight gold bead - it is just too small for my older eyes. I am thinking of ordering a Marbles replacement in 1/32" - I'll have to give it some more thought.

I stripped the rifle today and gave it a good cleaning. I found metal dust and metal shavings inside the bolt assembly. Also, I broke off part of the front stock screw during disassembly - some idiot at the factory torqued the screw in way too tight. I'll have to contact Ruger next week for a replacement.