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Thread: Both eyes open !

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    Both eyes open.
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    Eyes wide open.

    If the sun happens to be wrong, I might squint the other eye momentarily.
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    One eye shut for rifle. Both eyes open for handguns.
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    Both . . . ways, I mean.
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    Have tried to shoot with both eyes open. Never works for me.

    I shoot with my left eye closed, right eye open. Much better accuracy that way.

    Shooting with both eyes open, there is no telling where the bullet will be traveling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dooga View Post
    Learned how to shoot trap and skeet with both eyes open and brought what I learned to my Glocks.
    Thats where I learned to shoot with both eyes open, I can remember a time when I thought it was crazy, now I think it is crazy any other way....
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    Quote Originally Posted by wilsondavid View Post
    Whenever you drive a bike on the high way then make appear your both eye have to open. So that for avoiding the unwanted accidents You can also use the glasses for it because the wind also powerful at the high way and that's why your eye will down and any accident will happen.
    That settles it for me. Thanks.
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    Always both eyes for a pistol, one eye for a rifle...with a shot gun, heck, I could be blindfolded.OMOYMV
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    I learned to shoot with one eye closed, but next time at the range, I'll try with both eyes open. This would allow you to keep a better eye on your target, especially if it's moving. Have to give this a try.
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    You will keep both eyes open if you're in a fight, and that is the case for rifle or pistol. So train with both eyes open too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    Both eyes open for handgun and shot gun fire. I use only one eye when firing a rifle. That's the way I was taught.

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    You don't need to know
    Both eyes open for all CQB shooting, handgun or long gun.

    Last edited by sgb; January 8th, 2012 at 06:13 AM.
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    Both open for all

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefjason View Post
    Depends. Rifle hunting, rifle target, or if I'm really wanting a good shot with a pistol; eye closed. If I'm working with a pistol from the holster, point shooting, or rapid fire; both eyes open. If what I am working on is for defensive purposes they are both open. It took a while to get used to though.
    I have one eye farsighted and one nearsighted, poor depth perception. If I want accurate aimed fire, I close one eye. If I'm not using both front and rear sites or "point shooting" I have both eyes open. "Minute of BG" is very do-able out to 15-20yds point shooting or focusing on the front site. Beyond that, sites are necessary for reliable accuracy.
    One thing to remember about closing one eye is that you lose peripheral vision to that side. This could be a fatal error in a defensive situation.
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    Cross dominant here also, if I try keep the right eye open, it messes me up. I am left eye dominant, shoot rifle and shotgun lefty but can shoot handgun with either hand.
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    experience comes from bad decisions"

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