Big Hands - needs small gun

Big Hands - needs small gun

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Thread: Big Hands - needs small gun

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    Big Hands - needs small gun

    Wanting a "pocket" gun for CCW. Like the small size of the 380 and have played with the LCR.

    Issue, I have size 12-13 hands!!

    I found the trigger very difficult to pull on the LCR as the trigger falls into a knuckle and I cannot pull it back far enough. If I think to put the tip of my finger on the trigger- I can work the trigger.


    I have a Browning .25 Baby Browning and can use it OK as the trigger pull is not so long.

    From what I've read, many of the .380 have FTF and feed issues. Which one works?

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    If you can work the trigger by remembering to put your tip of your finger on it, then practice with the tip of your finger and get good at it that way.

    Each gun shoots a bit different, if you're going to carry a gun it is up to you to learn to shoot what you carry.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I have to ask...why do you want a little gun?
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    I think you mean the LCP. (LCR is a revolver .38 or .357) However, if the LCP is too small then maybe take a look at something bigger. Why not go up to a 9mm such as the Ruger LC9, Kahr PM9/CM9. There are .380's that are larger than the LCP, but if you have to go up in size, you might as well go up in caliber, to 9mm. The ammo is also cheaper.
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    Every brand has their lemons, but LCP's are generally reliable. Mine has never failed in three years and over 1K rounds.

    My hands are fairly big, and will bind up behind the trigger if I try to shoot it like a range gun. I use a finger tip. If it's all I have on me when I need it, I'll be wishing for more, but glad that I at least have it.

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    Wrap your hands around a Ruger SP101...
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    Snubnose revolver!!! The SP101 is great. If you need something lighter, try a S&W 442 (or variant). You just can't go wrong with a snubby.
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    Check out a Kahr CM9/PM9/MK9 and see if that fits your fancy.

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