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Thread: My kind of Church

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    While I see no biblical arguments against carry in church and actually support it (I occasionally carry there myself), I fail to see what it has to do with "ministry." Does it advance the Gospel or edify the group? If not, it is just a group of folks who shoot together and by chance happen to go to church together.

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    My church (Episcopal) has several who are firearms enthusiasts, I know of at least 3 others besides me and my wife who have concealed carry permits. We have members from WV, OH and KY in our midst due to being in close proximity to the other two states.

    I am not sure that our Priest would be all that friendly towards them, he really has not said he is, but hasn't said he is friendly either. He knows that I have a concealed permit but I am the only one he knows of. There is a couple from church who went with my wife and I to the range last year. She had never fired a gun and he had but not for years. She fell in love with it and he liked it as well. They want to go back. I have considered quietly suggesting a firearms get-together with others, but just haven't approached anyone about it yet.

    WV law allows folks to carry in places unless that place is posted or on the list of places the law restricts concealed carry, so I am packing most of the time when I am at church and so is my wife. I don't know if the other's are packing, but hey, if they are, it's ok by me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    You might look into any legal repercussions of forming any "security" group, especially in a church.
    I don't think they are forming a security team but an outreach that centers around firearm related activities (ie Fellowship with pistols instead of fried chicken).

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    The pastor of our church is an NRA certified pistol instructor who routinely holds CCW classes. And our annual Men's Retreat (which we call a Men's don't like to retreat!) ALWAYS features plenty of shooting.

    Mea culpa: I am the pastor of our church.
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    If there is any concern about this being a church security team, there are many references and training programs out there on line.
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    This seems to be gaining traction in several area churches here in Ft Worth. Here in Texas, we can carry in a church, thankfully. Funny enough, the minister at my church set up a private range shoot in a couple weeks and has had more people respond than the range allows in the building at any one time... and we are a relatively small church (~200 members, attendance Sunday mornings is usually around 220-230)! We don't have a formal security group at my church, but there are several of us that carry at services that shoot and train regularly together.


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    No intent, as far as I know to start security team. As has been stated by several others, weapons carry in a church is illegal in Georgia. I expect the intent is to begin another fellowship and/or support group. We already have women's groups and men's groups, BBQ groups, weekly dinner groups, Bible study groups, youth groups, etc. Y'all know how it is in Southern churches.

    I am eager to see how it develops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattmann View Post
    Man that's awesome! To bad in Arkansas you can't carry at church....
    +1...Pretty strange, considering the times. A nut-case can go on a shooting spree, and all we can do is be targets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macantic View Post
    Same here in NC,but i'm not going to tell anybody.(pocket carry)
    Unless your Church has a school it's perfectly legal. Sunday School does not count. It does not fit the statute definition of school. I've been carrying at Church for years. I jokingly declared to the deputy that was in my mens group, his response was "Good."
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