My kind of Church

My kind of Church

This is a discussion on My kind of Church within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Our pastor gave us a pleasant surprise this morning. During his announcements, he announced the formation of a new “small group” in our congregation. Someone ...

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Thread: My kind of Church

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    My kind of Church

    Our pastor gave us a pleasant surprise this morning. During his announcements, he announced the formation of a new “small group” in our congregation. Someone had come to the pastor and asked if he could form a “Pistol Ministry,” and the pastor and the Church Board approved. How kewl is that?

    The pastor indicated there has already been a considerable response from both male and female members of our church. I am really looking forward to this and the first signees seem to be the pastor and the assistant pastor.

    What with all the encounters being related in the news, it is good to see our church taking an active interest in seeing to the protection, safety and education of our congregation and any others that may subscribe.

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    Can't beat that with a stick. Good for your church!

    I think the smaller Denomination the Church, the more gun friendly they may be. OMHO-YMMV
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    I think that's pretty cool. I've wondered how a "firearms enthusiast" group would be received in my church...
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    Too bad it's still illegal in GA to carry in a church.
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    We had the Top Shot winner at our church last month; pastor made the comment that half the church was packing...

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    I see nothing wrong with it, especially the way things are going now days!
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    I introduced a friend to pistols in our church several months ago, his fourth pistol will be delivered this week. I think the idea is fantastic and plan to try the same in the church I attend.

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    Good news for sure, and I hope that there will be some training and group coordination.
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    I would like that ministry

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    god did say an eye for an eye..... my brother's church did the same thing..... hopefully they will have a good turn out

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    I was attending a Church a while back that had a mens retreat. Somehow I managed to miss what was going on there and did not sign up. When they played the video the next week I realized I missed some great fellowship, bible study, fully automatic weapons, and flash bangs. It seems the local STAR team brought out some toys to play. I can't find the video anymore.
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    You might look into any legal repercussions of forming any "security" group, especially in a church.
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    Same here in NC,but i'm not going to tell anybody.(pocket carry)
    Quote Originally Posted by imjustron View Post
    Too bad it's still illegal in GA to carry in a church.
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    Unfortunatley church is one place I cannot carry -- we still meet in a public school building, and that's off-limits in Florida.
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    Man that's awesome! To bad in Arkansas you can't carry at church....
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