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What is the worst gun related advice you have ever gotten?

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Thread: What is the worst gun related advice you have ever gotten?

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    This High Point is as good as any gun out there...
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    By the C&G Railroad
    " That thing about people being killed with unloaded guns is BS. An unloaded gun can't kill somebody!"

    Sadly, this is what I told myself for years. Fortunately I never had a mishap. Of course now my mind-set is all guns are loaded, all the time. Check and re-check. And then check again, before doing anything involving a gun. I realize this is very basic, but you would be frightened to know how many people don't observe these basic rules.
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    Just throw it in the dishwasher to clean it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    You're not supposed to dry fire that.

    Really, any quality modern pistol should be able to stand up to the rigors of dry firing. Otherwise you're telling me what you're trying to sell me is piece of junk.
    blanket quotes may be dangerous to one's credability

    a Sig Sauer Trailside specifies not to dry fire

    others come to mind but also revolvers with hammer mounted firing pins may not take kindly to extended dryfiring.
    it may peen the metal surrounding the firing pin hole on the frame. some, especially older models, do not have a reinforced plate in that area.


    GIGO for junk i overhear...
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    "You won't need your gun, nothing bad ever happens around here."
    "If you make something idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot."

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    "Don't take your guns to town, son."

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    My then girlfriend and now wife said- "you don't need another .357, you already have one. Besides, it is soooo expensive as compared to that Taurus gun". As I had the chance to buy a Colt Python .357 with 6" barrel. It was all of $500 bucks. UGH!! Good news is I did not listen on the next round of advice as I bought a .357 Dan Wesson Maxi Mag in pristine condition for $475. Still have that one.
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    To switch from strong hand to weak hand while pie-ing from the dominant side of the wall. IMHO, it is a waste of time and can set one up for a negligent discharge. I also do not like the idea of shooting two handed from the non-dominant hand. The only circumstance I will ever switch to my non-dominant side if my dominant hand is injured.
    Another dumb advice I heard is also loading your magazine 1 rd. short of its maximum capacity in order to reduce wear and tear on the springs. That may make sense on the old 1911 mags but today's 1911 magazines as well as other gun magazines are reliable enough to last long even when loaded to maximum capacity.

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    On buying my first gun

    "just buy a glock, they are the best!"

    He should have been telling me to buy a gun that got me and that I shot well.

    I rented one, it was ok, then I rented an m&p and it was incredible! I realized later on he was just guzzling the glock koolaid

    Next one

    "buy a glock 26, you'll love it! "

    I borrowed my mothers, it sucked! Not because it wasn't reliable, not because it wasn't well made, not because of anything but the fact that THE GRIP IS WAY TOO SMALL!

    I done have small hands, half of my middle finger was off and all if my pinkie.

    Glock 19= way better gun

    *swyped from the evo so excuse any typos*
    It's better to prevent a crime, than to punish it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PEF View Post
    "Don't worry, it's not loaded."
    What he said.

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    "If all you can see through your scope is fur, pull the trigger!." I think the old geezer was using a 4x on an ancient 12 ga. Remington 1100.

    After my aging eyes gave it up enough so that I could no longer manage iron sights I went to fiber optics. After the fiber optics got fuzzy I put on an adjustable scope. It rarely gets turned beyond 1.5x.

    When I showed up with a scope on my floating barrel Ithaca Deerslayer one of the 20 something young men in our group commented that he needed a scope on his gun. I politely chastised the young man by encouraging him to enjoy his good eyesight while he has it. I told him that he was welcome to put a scope on his gun when he needed reading glasses.

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    "My sister shoots that gun too. I should introduce you."
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    You should totally avoid those crappy Colt ARs. Total garbage. Don't even get me started. This RRA is WAY better...

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    "You should get a Glock"


    Couldn't resist guys.
    I think Glocks are great guns for the price- I just have a thing against weapons that can't be fired SA.
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    "Gotta gun?"

    "Yeah, I've got a pistol."

    "Well, bring it with ya'!!!"

    -from a sheriff's deputy inviting me for a "ride along" back in the 70's

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