Training for personal protection hand-guns

Training for personal protection hand-guns

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Thread: Training for personal protection hand-guns

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    Training for personal protection hand-guns

    Any advices out there as to the frequency of training sessions needed for hand-guns?
    The USA Navy SEALs adopted the P226 since the 1980s.
    "Good enough for the SEALs means good enough for anyone" says HarryO, who carries
    24/7 the SIG P226 a full-sized, service-type pistol chambered for 9×19mm Parabellum.

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    That is like asking how often to practice playing pool.
    In the beginning everyone needs to shoot as often as the can. After awhile the groups thin out some have skills that develop quickly and stay others take more time a fade fast.
    You will know as time goes on what you need. Over doing it will lead to an empty bank account and burn out. Some good instruction in the early stages will save you a lot of wasted time and rounds.
    If you must travel to a range to shoot then at first a couple trips a month works well for many as time goes on once a month will do. After 40 years when you get around to it.
    For personal defense it is best if you can shoot some where you can work on shooting while moving a bit and other than slow fire down a marked controlled range to be the most effective.
    BG is seldom going to stand still 21 feet down a lane for you. with a well marked target pinned to his chest.
    One other note just because the seals or the Army or LEO carry some thing does not make it the best for any given use.
    All military units carry weapons based on a lot of issues one of them is agreements with NATO. That is why we lost the 45. Hand guns are seldom even used in the real Military for any thing other than a last resort. Some Guard duty and as a back up for Gunners on crew serve weapons.

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    After becoming proficient with gun handling basics, learn the difference in gun shooting and gun fighting. Get training from an instructor who focuses on fighting rather than just shooting. If you go to the range everyday and practice the wrong things it won't help much when it's your turn in the barrel. More goes into winning a gunfight than marksmanship.

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    The minimum amount of handgun training time is usually once a month for at least 100 rds. I do 100 rds. of supported shooting. And the next 100 rds. of unsupported shooting, alternating between strong and weak hand. For other shooting stances other than standing, I do them dry-fire at home w/ inert dummy rounds (from my gun drawn from my carry holster) since they are not allowed on the range for safety reasons. Here are some examples:
    -speed rock*
    -retention drill from high tactical ready followed by 2 shots to the chest and then one shot to the head*
    -angle forward*
    -horizontal guard*
    -shove and shoot*
    -elbow technique*
    -kneeling (one knee/both knees)
    -prone (includes side prone)
    -lying on my back* (3 variations)
    -sitting (on a chair or on the floor)
    -draw and fire 3 shots toward the right
    -" toward the left
    -" toward the rear
    -with a grappling dummy on top of me, draw and fire 3 shots to the body* (goes to explain why grappling on the ground in a streetfight is a risky and dangerous move)

    Note: The asterisk beside it describes it as a close quarters shooting technique.

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