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This is a discussion on Mouse Hunting within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Zsnake In later years, my buds and I would shoot rats at the local dump. Used .22s. I had sighted in on ...

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Thread: Mouse Hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zsnake View Post
    In later years, my buds and I would shoot rats at the local dump. Used .22s. I had sighted in on to a rat on the top of a tractor tire with my Nylon 66, and squeezed one off. I missed the rat, hit the tire and the lead bounced back to put a big welt on my thigh.

    Ahhhhh, memories!
    Been there; done that except mine hit me in the chest. I watched it like slow motion coming right back at me. It stung, but it scared me more. Never forgot "Know your target and what is beyond it" again. Mine was for a crossman airrifle though.

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    Back in the mid 70's we had BB guns. Me, two brothers and a cousin.
    One time we were up at our cabin in Gladwin Co. Mi., and we were on the long driveway, a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from the cabin, when all of a sudden a beat up VW Bug came idling towards us and the cabin, on the drive.
    Well, we all looked at each other, and without hesitation, we began unloading. They were maybe 30 yards away, and the guy driving saw blue steel pointing at his Bug, and let me tell you, Herbie couldn'ta got outta' there any faster.
    Probably not the smartest thing to do, but for kids aged 10-13, we felt at the time we were defending the homefront.
    And no, nobody got hurt or had the cops called on us, thank goodness!
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    I went for squirrels today and took one with a head shot from my Crossman Titan GP in .22. Missed 2 more. I had to bail out early to get ready for work. I guess tree rats count.
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

    "Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun. And you might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome son." Josh Thompson "Way Out Here"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    I hunted many a rat down at the marinas and boat yards in high school. I had a Crossman pump pistol and fed it from a mouth full of BBs and a pocket full of pellets. I remember that BB SMG powered by freon. I remember the guy at the auto parts store ripping us off because he knew what we used the stuff for and doubling the price. We spent the money the marina folks gave us on BBs and did mag dumps in the river to watch the splashes. We used kitchen matches out of the guns and made them spark up against a wall (if you were close enough). I miss those days.
    Superhouse, I remember being 8-9 years old and discovering the strike-anywhere match would fit down the barrel of my Crossman 760. So cool that you could drop a match in, pump it up a half-dozen times and shoot the brick wall of the house. Made a nice pop and so what if it left a small black powder burn. Until Dad came home of course. LOL My buddies and I found better targets for the matches after that.

    Best we came up with was frog hunting with them. Not the most accurate flight pattern but in the water or on land, nail a croaker with a match stick and they can't hop or swim away. We thought we were God's gift to hunters. So much fun.
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    Hey, not to hi-jack this thread, but does anyone remember how to make a "Match-Shooter" out of an old spring type clothes-pin?

    That used to be fun!

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    My son has my old Blue Streak. I think it's over 40 years old.

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    My mom owns a house in New Mexico.. Come spring/summer I'm gonna go sit on the roof and plink tarantulas and rattle snakes. I feel like it'll be a blast.

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    They still make the Benjamin pump 177 pistol I used to depopulate the red squirrels that chewed into the attic, as well as the chipmunks that undermined the cement garage floor. I was in the basement when I heard Mom yell. I knew that scream. I grabbed the Benjamin and started pumping as I raced to the kitchen. Sure enough, it was a red squirrel scream. One had chewed through the screen window and grabbed a pork chop off the counter. Still pumping, I ran out the back porch to see that devil drop the chop and high tail it up a big red pine. I finished ten pumps as the critter jumped from one branch, and he never made it to the next tree.

    One Winter, I started the boys with it in the basement. Four pumps would nail the green, plastic soldiers in the cardboard box backstop. One of the boys caught me giving it ten pumps, once, and after that, the soldiers were missing heads, arms, and legs.

    I bought a Red Ryder for them. Wife thought fer sure we'd be putt'n eyes out. WE set up a paper target on a piece of plywood. Sure enough, the BB bounced back off the plywood and hit my oldest right above the eyebrow. First thing he said..."Don't tell Mom."

    Here's the Benjamin. I worked on the trigger and put an overtravel stop on it. It's all brass with a rifled bore that can't use steel BB's. It's very accurate with extra heavy 177 cal pellets that really put a thumping on things.

    Cool thread...great memories. Here's another mouse gun the cat uses.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mouse Hunting-benjamin-177.jpg  

    Mouse Hunting-cat-mouse.jpg  

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    I have used a pellet rifle on mice before, had a problem in the house they would get behind furniture, when you moved it they ran. The pellet rifle put a stop to that game, it's one of the high power rifles too.

    I had a birds pecking a holes in my house many years ago, I took a pellet rifle out the front and put the sneak on them in the back. My very young son came with me on this big hunt, I shot one of the birds, it was flopping on the ground, so I quickly stepped on it hoping my son would not freak about the wounded bird. The bird let out a squeak, but he didn't say anything. Later in the evening when we were eating he says "mommy why do birds squeak when daddy steps on them." I think I sent iced tea through my nose and across the table on that one.

    Shoot straight
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    My son and I going squirell hunting in our attic tomorrow. All I have for this mission is a .38 special loaded with CCI pest shot. Should be interesting...
    US Air Force, 1986 - 2007

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    I always found that big massive bumble bees hovering by a flower were a blast to shoot. That is until they decided to SWARM. One time I was following one and it took me near the house and I ended up putting a nice old hole in the vinyl siding.
    "60% of the works every time..." -Brian Fantana

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