Why I chose a gun

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Thread: Why I chose a gun

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    Why I chose a gun

    Ran across and interesting video about guns.

    Peter van Uhm: Why I chose a gun | Video on TED.com

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    Excellent speech!
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    X2... That was a great video.

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    Awesome clip
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    Great perspective and delivery on importance of guns
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    Excellent speech !

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    politicions see that as a good thing. That the "military" have those guns. NOT the American "public" that wish to defend themselves let alone their families and businesses. politicions think that police can handle such cercumstances when they arise. Well I'm sorry, but what politicion thinks that is smoking a big fat bong all the while having an orgie with the rest of their political party as truely the police can't handle every situation in any city. Public that is armed is a safe public. If everyone has guns on themselves then truely there'd be far less crime than there is now.

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    Great speech! I really think while he was talking about a military force in use for peace, it can translate to the average citizen and "why we choose a gun".

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    Why I chose a gun

    Wow that was awesome and a great fine. Thanks for sharing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWO GUNS View Post
    Awesome clip
    It's not called a clip its a-

    Oh wait.
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    I suppose I'll be the voice of dissent.

    Speaking of the gun purely as a tool of destruction, cherishing the fact that it makes people uncomfortable because guns are not a part of his peoples' lives, correlating the lack of guns and fear of them with a peaceful society. Praising the state monopoly on the use of force. The assumption that the constitutionally-governed government is the be all, end all of creating nonviolent societies. Assuming that one way we can do away with the one use of force that we here know to equalize a 70 year old woman and a 20 year old gangbanger, the 100 lb woman and the 200 lb rapist, the lone black man and the group of racial bigots.

    Sorry. I'm not buying what he's selling.
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    TED is one of my favorites.

    He's really talking about international politics and the spread of constitutional societies having checks and balances vs dictatorships and strong man warlord rulers. However, he does mean a state monopoly on violence.

    @ about 10:00 in the video:

    "...one of the main drivers behind less-violent societies is the spread of the constitutional state and the introduction on a large scale of the state monopoly on the legitimized use of violence; legitimized by a Democratically elected government; legitimized by checks and balances, and an independent judicial system. In other words, a state monopoly that has the use of of violence well under control".

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    I chose a gun cause I can throw my bullets alot farther I can throw my knife..
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    Quote Originally Posted by drinknshoot View Post
    I chose a gun cause I can throw my rounds alot farther than I can throw my knife..
    That General has a great skill as a public speaker. I can't say that I agree with everything he said.

    As an aside the forward Grip- Bipod looks as tho it works well enough for the Netherlands Armed Forces. Three or four years ago I was able to acquire one of these forward Grip-Bipod attachments at a WAC show. I think I'll mount it on my #1 10-22.
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    Well said! Too bad the fools in congress and WH can't grasp the concept.
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