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Carrying a Glock at work without a round in the chamber.

This is a discussion on Carrying a Glock at work without a round in the chamber. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by pilazinool I am a cashier/stocker at a retail business, and I work the graveyard shift most of the time. I have tried ...

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Thread: Carrying a Glock at work without a round in the chamber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilazinool View Post
    I am a cashier/stocker at a retail business, and I work the graveyard shift most of the time. I have tried to carry a full-sized hammer-fired semiautomic .40 S&W pistol at work over my groin, but it was very uncomfortable despite continuing to carry it on a consistent basis for at least a couple of weeks. I carried it with a round in the chamber and the hammer decocked. I felt comfortable with carrying a round in the chamber because I knew that the trigger had to be pulled double action in order for the hammer to strike the firing pin. Because I am not allowed to have a weapon on company property (which probably includes the pepper spray I always carry), the consequences of an accidental or neglegent discharge would necessarily include losing my job. However, the risk of robbery in which the assailant is on drugs or too afraid to keep his/her finger off the trigger seems too great to not carry a handgun. I have since purchased a Glock 27 to carry and an ankle holster. I understand that an ankle holster is not the ideal location for carry in terms of the ease and speed of access, but this seems to be the most concealable location available on my body given the uniform I must wear at work. I am not extremely comfortable carrying a striker-fired gun with a round in the chamber despite the fact that Glocks are supposed to be virtually incapable of an unintentional discharge (UD) even if dropped. I have decided that while at work I will carry the G27 with a full magazine, but not rounds in the chamber. This essentially eliminates the possibility of the internal safeties failing to cause a UD. This will require somewhere around an extra second to rack the slide to chamber a round, but it seems to be the best middleground between being completely prepared for an armed robber (with the gun openly carried on my hip with a round chambered) while still making it all but impossible for my gun to "just go off" and for it to be detected by my employer. Tell me what you think?
    Welcome to the forum.

    There are a number of reasons why carrying a gun without a round in the chamber is a bad idea. First and foremost, it assumes that when you need the gun you will have both hands available to chamber a round it before use. Second, it assumes that under the stress of a life threatening encounter, you will be able to do so without having a feeding problem. Finally, it assumes that you will have time to chamber a round.

    When the organic fertilizer hits the rotary air impeller, you may very well have only one hand available to access and manipulate the gun. Your other hand could be fending off your attacker. Your other hand could be busy moving a bystander out of the way. The fight could start with an attack that disables one of your hands. The bad guy is very unlikely to announce that he is going to attack you and then give you a few seconds to get prepared.

    Similarly, physical dexterity is reduced under great stress. Have you ever had an issue at the range where you rode the slide forward and the gun failed to feed? It is possible, even for an experienced shooter under comparatively calm conditions.

    There is a reason that no reputable self defense shooting instructor teaches students to carry their gun in anything but ready to shoot condition. Conversely, you will find that 99% of those who advocate carry with an empty chamber have never taken any defensive handgun training. They advocate empty chamber carry out of ignorance.

    I'd strongly suggest rethinking this approach to carry. If you are concerned about the Glock, you might try carrying around the house for a while and notice that the striker never falls. On the Glock, you'll notice that the trigger remains in the forward position. You can increase the trigger pull if you are concerned about the stock trigger being too light. Glock trigger disconnectors and springs are quite easy to replace and inexpensive to boot.

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    Welcome to the forum! If you invest in a good holster, the gun will stay put and you will never have to worry about a UD.

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    IMO guns that are in your crotch and on your ankle are worthless in a pinch. Glock is as good gun and a G26 or G27 are easy to hide and with the right clothing no one will ever know you have it on. here is a mic holster for glock... EBay 20.00 free shipping

    me I carry in a belly band with a saf-t-block; the belt acts as retention to keep the gun in place and the band can be worn in a multitude of places: 3:00,4:00, under the arm in the chest area just to say a few. a saf-t-blok can be used in different holsters ... EBay 13.00 free shipping

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    there is a youtube vid out there of a store robbery.......good guy snaps the trigger assuming it was ready but no round
    was in the chamber so he racks the slide but by that time he has several in him......RIP...always be ready w one in the chamber
    which is why I like a wheelgun.......point and shoot,no thinking needed

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    If you are going to carry and need extra deep concealment your best route is a pocket pistol, and you have many options to choose from.

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    I'm with Bark'n on this one.

    Five shot revolver (hammerless if you choose) also shrouded hammer, carried loaded , appendix, IWB crossdraw.
    Ex. if you are RH, you would have the pistol in a holster fastened to your pants in front,(clip prefferably)on your left side with the butt of the pistol facing your right side.
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    If you're not going to carry with a chambered round, don't carry. Get familiar with the gun. KNOW they don't go off by surprise. It's a mechanical device. It won't do anything without human input. And seeing as though you have one post, you're likely not going to be reading this anyway. I just like typing.

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    I can't take it anymore...

    Load that sucker 'fully'...round in the chamber, get an IWB holster and learn to live with it...or you may not live if the situation arises that you need a fully loaded firearm, NOW!
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    If you're concerned about a ND, one thing you could try that might make you feel better is trying to recreate one under safe conditions on the range. I do this with all of my guns, both out of curiosity and just so I feel more comfortable carrying it. With my FNX, I tried decocking manually (w/o the decocker), pulling trigger with safety on, etc. And with my Glock 19, nothing short of fully depressing the trigger would make the gun fire.
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    Perhaps ask your boss if you can keep a pistol under the counter? Or a shotgun would be even better. Ask your boss what they carry and how they carry it.

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    You want to know what I think? You need more time or you need more confidence in your pistol or yourself. Like I've said in an earlier post....why carry if you don't have a round in the chamber?'s your choice. You already made a choice if you have your carry permit........ Why limit yourself now? If you are the least bit afraid of having a discharge, then you obviously need to choose another pistol or you need to change your mind about how you carry or why you do. There will come a time when you actually get serious about carrying. If this never happens, then by all means give up on the ordeal and let someone else have the chance.

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    Welcome to the forum. I agree with most everyone else. Glocks are well made guns that should not go bang unless you pull the trigger.

    Good luck stay safe and chamber that life saver!

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    My suggestion on your time off when your at home be sure the firearm is unloaded. Rack the slide and carry around your house every once in awhile check and see that the trigger hasn't been pulled and that it will remain cocked and locked all day never going off. BE SURE ITS UNLOADED! Nothing in the mag nothing in the chamber. It will calm your nerves on carrying with one in the pipe. If you can't get over that get a revolver and due away with the ankle carry

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    OP, you have received very good advice from knowledgeable people.

    Get professional training with your weapon.


    And carry like this and yes you can bet the farm there is a round in the chamber.

    Carrying a Glock at work without a round in the chamber.-photo.jpgCarrying a Glock at work without a round in the chamber.-photo.jpg Glock-23 and High Noon Public Secret holster.
    click image to enlarge....


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    First off, welcome to the forum.

    Your Glock is perfectly safe to carry with a round chambered. I don't know of any accidental discharges from them. You do read about numerous negligent discharges, where the idiot behind the gun didn't do 1 or more things properly. Either failed to insure the gun was empty, or failed to keep his finger off the trigger.
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