Well Done Remington Customer Service

Well Done Remington Customer Service

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    Well Done Remington Customer Service

    One shotgun I always wanted just to have, and never bought, the Remington Wingmaster in 20 guage. I finally acquired one earlier this year. The shotgun was diassembled, new in the box at the store, just in from the factory. Foolishly, I did not assemble the shotgun and test the action at the store, I only looked in the box.

    Once home, I removed the forearm with great difficulty. I broke everything down and cleaned the parts thoughly. Upon reassembly, things got pretty interesting. First, the bolt assembly was difficult to get into the receiver. The right action bar lever was extremely difficult to depress. The left lever was impossible. Not only that, but the action was rough as anything, not the famously smooth Wingmaster action. The action was jammed up tight at this point and would not move forward or backwards, but the bolt was stuck halfway forward of the ejection port. I had a few choice words to myself at this point.

    BTW, this is not my first 870. I've been shooting them for over 40 years.

    I called Remington Customer service the next day and explained the problem. My thought is that something inside the receiver was buggered up during manufacturing. The Remington rep provided me with the repair and service numbers and sent a UPS shipping label. I enclosed a letter with the relevent information and off the shotgun went.

    Several weeks went by and Remington notified me that the repair process had started. I followed up with a call and was told that indeed the receiver had been miscut and Remington was sending a brand new shotgun to replace it. Sure enough, a week later, UPS showed up with a Remington box with a brand new Windmaster inside.

    Remington stood behind their product and made it right in the best possible way. Great job Remington.

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    Talking I couldn't be happier with their customer service!

    I purchased a Remington 887 Nitromag Tactical and since it's my first defensive shotgun and it's my first 12 gauge that accepts 3.5" shells I loaded it up with 3.5" 00 Buckshot and fired and cycled as fast as I could to see what kind of recoil I was looking at and was pleasantly surprised that the recoil pad took the recoil down to where I think I could fire quite a few rounds before it would begin to bother me. After that I kept it loaded along with my S.A XD Subcompact 40 Cal for home defense and haven't fired it again since. I came across quite a few negative reviews about this weapon specifically about problems with cycling so I decided to see if mine had any problems and sure enough it does. I have the same problem I have read about with two shells popping out at once along with other problems...I think because it's such a long cycling weapon that I'm to blame for some of them. I called Remington to inquire if this is something that as I've read will stop after a couple hundred rounds have been cycled thru it. The Rep told me no it shouldn't do that and immediately E-mailed me a shipping label for free shipping and said they will go thru the weapon from top to bottom. If you read the warranty info the owner is responsible for shipping. While I had him on the phone I told him that I have been looking for a slug barrel and keep getting outbid. He said he thought they were going to get some moremore in and checked to see when and realized that they had one in stock for $245 plus $18.00 shipping which is less than they are going for online so I snatched it up. When it arrived the rear sight was missing the set screw so I called them up and the Rep apologized profusely and instead of sending me just the screw he sent the entire rear sight assembly. I'm waiting for the weapon to get returned only sent it out 5 days ago but as of now I'm extremely impressed. As for the problems with the weapon it's understandable as it's a new system and it's to be expected that there's going to be some things that need to be ironed out. I don't know how long it sat at the dealer before I bought it so it's possible that it's one of the first models and maybe the problem has been fixed in the newer runs. I'm going to buy the 28" barrel next so I have a shotgun for self defense, deer hunting and goose and duck. I saw a woman on YouTube with open sights hitting a human torso steel target from 250 yards with the slug barrel. She was going to back up to 350 yards when the batteries on her boyfriends camera died.

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    Whew! I get dizzy reading such dissertations! Glad Remington is stepping up to the plate.

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    Good news all around. Glad to hear it as often we hear the other end of the spectrum.

    "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" ~ Mark Twain


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