Shoddy treatment at my LGS

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Thread: Shoddy treatment at my LGS

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    Angry Shoddy treatment at my LGS

    I just came back from a less then satisfactory trip to my LGS, and I feel the need to vent. Anyway, I recently purchased a marlin 1894c at Midwest Gun Exchange in South Bend, Indiana. After marveling at it and taking it to the range, I discovered that the barrel was misaligned. And by that I mean that once you actually focused on it, it was unavoidable.

    I fiddled with the sights and had many others look, and we all agreed it was not right. A back story to this is that at the same local gun store, I bought a Kahr p380 that was a total lemon. I had to send it back to Kahr twice and it spent over 3 months at the factory. I don't blame Midwest Gun Exchange for the Kahr, but it was annoying to learn that in six months I bought 2 lemons at the same place.

    Well, the other day I was browsing at this same place, and I noticed that they had a marlin 22lr that had the same crooked barrel! That in particular stuck in my craw. There is no way to know about a guns internals, but something like this should be obvious. I mentioned it to one of the salesmen, and he said something like "oh, the sights must be off. Just needs to be adjusted" A mild insult to the intelligence of an annoying customer, no doubt.

    Well, I went back another day, and the same shoddy gun was there. It was at this point that I decided to bring back my Marlin. I know that there's buyer beware and such, but I figured it was worth it to see how my LGS would treat me. I also know that I can send it in to Marlin, but after my kahr experience, and considering that I am going to be changing addresses soon, I didn't want to have to deal with sending in the gun and explaining why they need to ship it to a different address.

    Also, I want to state that I wasn't expecting or demanding a full refund, but I was wondering if they would be willing to help me out (I've heard it happen many times on this forum).

    So, I go into the store and find a salesperson and tell my story. The first thing he does is suggest that the gun is ok. "looks like the sights need to be adjusted." My first thought is, "really?" I know that I don't look like a gun expert, but it was scary to think that they are treating me based on how easily they think I can be BS'd. After realizing that I'm not buying the "gun is ok" line, he says that I should send it in.

    I mention that I am aware that I can send it in, but I was hoping to find out if they could offer me an exchange or credit of some sort. He says that it's like buying a car, and it's yours now. A few minutes later the manager appears. I tell him there is a problem and he rudely cuts me off and asks if I have a reciept. A fair question, except that he was clearly hoping that I didn't, so he could just tell me to shut up and deal with it.

    Visibly annoyed that I had my reciept, he then tries to run with the "are you sure there's something wrong?" until its clear I'm not buying. After that, all I really get is a "deal with it" look and a "are we done here" grunt. Again, I had no expectation of getting this resolved. I was just hoping my LGS would try to work with me and treat me with respect. At this point I am rather pissed off at the way I'm being dismissed. I mention that I have spent over 2000.00 in the last 6 months at this store, and that I was not happy that they are selling guns that have VISIBLE and EASILY IDENTIFIABLE problems. I brought up the other shoddy marlins they are trying to sell to unsuspecting customers, and at that point the conversation drifted into incivility, and I left the store.

    Maybe I'm overreacting, but it felt like I was trying to return a 1986 Ford Pinto to Crazy Larry's Used Car Paradise. They were all smiles when I bought the thing, but now its different story. Anyway, one thing I do know is that Midwest Gun Exchange in South Bend IN will keep on doing it's thing, and I will be spending my gun dollars elsewhere.
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    Go somewhere else,,,, should have done that with
    the first bad deal.

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    Yep, it definitely sounds like it's time to find a new gun store.

    I find it's futile to try and change other peoples attitudes and behavior. Much less aggravating to just move on to a different store and leave them to themselves. I'm sure they couldn't care less if you ever shopped there again or not.

    Maybe I'm just getting older, but I'm tired of spending time and energy looking for a response from people who aren't going to give you the desired response. Much easier to kick them to the curb and drive on.
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    Do you wear glasses? Do you need too?

    Just playing I agree I'd be for finding a new store. Hopefully you find a good one when you move. Good luck

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    Reactions vary in the free market, and poor customer service can be a self-correcting problem, unless the government offers an unlimited cash bailout . Hopefully Marlin will take care of you after the move. Since I'm not too big to fail, I stand behind (but not in front of) everything I represent. Best of luck.
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    That was a poor business move on their part. Losing a good repeat customer is far more costly then what it would have cost to make you happy.

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    I can understand and sympathize with reluctance to give a refund - they're working on a tiny profit margin, and if they buy the gun back, they've got to get it fixed and then most likely won't be able to sell it as new.

    That said though, they should have jumped all over themselves offering to send it back at their expense and get it sorted out.
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    Treat somebody right and they'll tell two friends. Screw somebody and they'll tell everybody.
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    Several of the staff in my local shops have serious chips on their shoulders. In all fairness, I'm sure they deal with every crackpot, armchair commando, and wackaloon in the area, but I don't give them a reason to be that way with me. Luckily, I have found a very well stocked store with a friendly and knowledgeable staff, so I don't go to the places with snotty staff anymore. Why spend your hard-earned money where it isn't appreciated?
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    My gun shops (both) have always backed my purchases...they bend over backwards to make things 'right'.

    Find a new place to!
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    WOW!!!! I to shop at Midwest. Im lucky so far and got good guns and deals from them. But to hear your experiance with them makes me nervous about being a repeat customer. My money is to hard to come by to get that kind of treatment. I do know of a few others that got bum treatment from them. Like others said there are other shops to spend your $$$$ at. Good luck with your gun. And if your close to there try Granger guns in granger just north of south bend. A little hard to find at first but worth the effort.
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    I wouldn't go back.
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    You don't need to know
    no need dealing with SFB, don't go back.
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    Yup. No reason to tolerate that. Forget about 'em.

    I have enough jerks that I really do have to work with. There's no way I'm spending my free time doing such.
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    The shop I deal with the most backs every gun they sell ( NEW OR USED ) for a full year. Parts and labor. New, with an issue that can't be resolved in house, is sent back for you. For used issues, they have a master smith available. In the event that it can't be repaired ( very rare since they don't deal in any cheap junk ), full credit towards another gun. With this attitude, it's no wonder they're still in business after 36 yrs.

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