Glock 30sf?? or G36?? Help!!

Glock 30sf?? or G36?? Help!!

This is a discussion on Glock 30sf?? or G36?? Help!! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Need advice from who can help... Looking to join the Glock family, just don't know what model to get. Real sure on the .45 cal ...

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Thread: Glock 30sf?? or G36?? Help!!

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    Glock 30sf?? or G36?? Help!!

    Need advice from who can help... Looking to join the Glock family, just don't know what model to get. Real sure on the .45 cal ACP... Been carrying a Tauras pt145 for some several years now and want to make the move (by the way never had any issues with the pt145, like i hear plenty have) Don't know alot on the Glocks but from what i check out on this site and hear from others it's a awesome gun. I know it's a #1 selling but have also heard it's #1 on people having accidents?? I know they have different Gen's on the .45 cal, which one is best and help on which model to buy (have big hands)

    thanks for any input!!

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    The 30 SF is thicker than the 36, not in issue in a good holster. The benefit of the Glock 30 is higher capacity mags. I have very large hands and while I really like Glocks because of their reliability, and customization options the finger grooves just do not fit me. So every Glock I get I take them off and stipple the front strap. I know some people think its heresy to do this to a Glock everyone that does it is because the gun is not as functional as they would like. I will attach photos of how the 30 looks like that and how it fits my hand with 16 rounds of 45 ACP on board.
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    A couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. Glock is an excellent pistol platform; there are some people who love them because they're popular and there are some who hate them because they're popular. Both groups are equally stupid because they're evaluating a firearm based on its popularity instead of its merits. If they're #1 on having accidents, it's because the popularity of the brand attracts idiots who shouldn't be handling ANY firearm. Likewise, if they were inherently unsafe, law enforcement agencies across the US and around the world would have eventually stopped issuing them to their departments.

    2. Glock scores high marks in reliability, durability, and simplicity. If there's a round in the chamber, it will go bang when you pull the trigger; simple as that. There are a few other manufacturers who also score high in those categories (the Springfield XD for example) with a similar price range, so Glock is not the only excellent self-defense pistol on the market.

    3. You will get better accuracy from a customized pistol than you will from an off-the-shelf Glock, but this is true for most pistols. Nevertheless, at defensive ranges (less than 100 feet) a Glock will easily put the bullet where you aim it. If you're looking to compete you would naturally benefit from a more finely tuned pistol; although Glocks can be "sweetened" with some modification and there are people who use them to compete.

    If you have big hands, the 30 (double stack) will most likely suit you better than the 36 (single stack), and the 21 (full size 45) may even be better for you. However, I have large hands and the 30 performed best for me. Since I was choosing a weapon for everyday defensive carry, the accuracy of the pistol--in MY hands--was a critical factor.
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    I recommend handling both. I did and found the difference in width to be negligible, easily making the G30 the clear choice for me.

    Many others have done the same and prefer the G36.
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    I have fired both and they are good. I chose the 36 because it fit my hand better. The 36 is very accurate and easy to conceal if that is a concern.
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    I like the 36 easy to conceal and it is as accurate as you are

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    The best advice I could give you would be for you go to to your local gun range, rent both the G30sf and G36 and shoot them side-by-side. That's exactly what I did. If you have medium to small hands (like I do), rent the sf model of the 30 since it has a slightly shorter distance from the backstrap to the finger grooves.

    I ended up with the Glock 30sf primarily for two reasons:

    1) I shot the 30sf more accurately at 7, 15 and 25 yards. Seemed to me that the 36 had more muzzleflip and was a little harder to control,
    2) Capacity. There's a big difference between 10+1 for the 30sf vs 6+1 for the 36.

    If you're a Hickok45 fan over on Utube, go look at his recent video where he shoots and talks about the 36.....I think you'll find it informative.

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    For me the slide was just too thick ont he G30 to carry IWB regardless of holster. The G36 is very easy to carry. From a pure shooting and feel in hand perspective I preferred the frame of the G30. The perfect gun for me would have been the G30 frame with the G36 slide. This can be done too from what I understand. Too bad I sold the 30 before I bought the 36. The 36 handles the round very well and is very easy to carry.
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