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Annoying Shooters on the Range - First time out with my AR15

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Thread: Annoying Shooters on the Range - First time out with my AR15

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    Forget about the other stuff, the bright point is you have nice rifle and time with your daughter. keep her shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMan View Post
    I took my Bushmaster AR15 out to the range for the first time today.(It is the Varminter with the 24 inch heavy barrel.) A gentleman could not help himself but hoover. When he finally asked about it and found out it was its first time out, he made sure he scolded me and made "darn sure" that I had taken it all apart and "given it a good cleaning before hand..."

    I had bore sighted the AR in, but like I had said I had never fired it before. I fired my first three shots and the shots were well grouped but about 9 inches high, and 6 inches to the right at 100yrds. (Like I said, it was only bore sighted with a bore laser). He immediately tried to "coach" me in my shooting skills. I adjust my scope and ended up with a perfect elevation and was about three inches to the left. He once again tried to "coach" me (unasked by the way).

    After making a slight adjustment with the scope I was putting them all in the 10 ring at 100 yards. And this was with wholesale reloaded, mix brass ammo that I picked up for breaking in the AR. Once I get everything where I want it, I will be shooting my higher end hand loads.

    Once I had my scope zeroed in (only 2 adjustments) I just loaded up and shot about 50 or so rounds. This "gentleman" kept trying to coach me on how to tighten my groups. I was NOT shooting for accuracy, I was just getting used to this new gun, and enjoying myself.

    So, I got seriously tired of his talking, interruption and when he started trying to "teach" my 8 year old daughter how to shoot her Crickett, I had enough. I asked him to please leave my daughter alone, and I broke out my 30-06, and the loads that I spent a lot of time and effort developing. I sent three rounds down range, and created a perfect clover leaf in the X (100 yards), at which point I closed the range since it was just my daughter, myself and "this gentleman". We then walked down range and I finally saw his target and his dinner plate size groups. I then showed him my clover leaf and told him I sure wouldn't mind giving him a few tips, and he STILL wouldn't shut up!

    My daughter and I were packing our stuff up, and another gentleman came to the range and started setting up. He complimented me on bringing my daughter. This 2nd gentleman was great, and mentioned "gentleman #1" to him, and he made responded "I see you meet Range Cop Rob"...

    I just wanted a great morning out with my daughter at the range!

    So, how do you handle these kind of "situations"?
    I am politely rude and to the point and tell people to please leave me alone. I tell them I am here to focus on what I am doing, not to socialize and I would appreciate it if they respected my space and privacy. Of course, in a polite and firm tone.. If they refuse, then I raise my tone and get my point across. It works every time.

    The gym and the range... always someone there who won't shut up and let me do what I am there to do.

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    OP: Awesome time with family on the range. I have let the "range roving expert" shoot my guns a couple of rounds at the same target I was shooting at. I have never had a problem with them again and have been asked if I wanted to try his guns too. Then I ask that I be given some private time with family (I normally have my wife with me) and they never return.

    I think they are just kids coaches at one time and do not have any kids young enough to coach so they feel the need to... sad but it happens and as was posted, two can walk away happy and maybe that range roving expert will not be bothering anybody the rest of the day...
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    Want to make people leave you alone? Anywhere, anytime. Tell them you are an insurance salesman and try to sell them a policy.
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    I very rarely encounter another person at the range. My days off are mid week so it's the perfect time to shoot, especially in the morning. And I've yet to encounter a pest if there is someone else there. It's usually an admiration for what I or someone else is shooting that will have a person wander over from their shooting bench/position. I do it myself, go on over to see "what ya got" but only when they appear not to be tied up shooting or they are with someone else. I don't mind having visitors, to show off my stuff, but don't come knocking when I'm shooting.

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    even at the private range i frequent there may be a individual as found you--rarely.
    if my daughter doesn't tell him to go away, i will. nicely of course;

    look careful at his name/pic badge and than write it down as he watches is all that is usually necessary.
    or politely tell him that we are running an exercise and 'thank you for your input but do you mind if we work together now...'

    the club is not so old that we still have some founding members. age has been unkind to some and they warrant special consideration
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    "the club is not so old that we still have some founding members. age has been unkind to some and they warrant special consideration "

    Well said, Claude. Sometimes an old fart can teach you a lot, but age does not often impart wisdom. As Calvin said to Hobbes, "There's nothing like a good sneer to dry up a conversation".

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    My experence has been that 99% of gun people (range or otherwise) are fantastic people. On the otherhand there is one lone soul that has to be a butt. When I arrive I say good morning, afternoon or what ever - introduce myself - find a position and begin my practice. Whan the I encounter the butthole, I just say I could do better with out interruption. My range time is limited as it is.

    That pretty much resolves the problem.

    Range time is the shooters time NOT the onlooker. Unless someone is doing something dangerous they should not be disturbed.

    That being said I suspect every hobbie has it cops. In ham (amaterur) radio there is repeater and frequency cops, gun ranges have the range cop, divers endure the ocasional diver safety police, and every fisherman knows the "special bait guy" who supposedly knows all the secrets of fishing a particular lake.
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    I have a way of dealing with Range Cops and Gun "gurus".

    In the event they approach me properly, I'll be very pleasant with them and entertain conversation. Once I notice the conversation turning south I'll load about 3 magazines to full capacity. Once I finish the magazine that I'm currently dealing with, I'll go ahead and load the first one into my gun and begin to ignore the annoying person while I am concentrating as hard as I can on shooting accurately into the target, then proceed to keep my focus while shutting that annoying person out.

    In the two experiences I have had with obnoxious people at the range, they have all left before I finished the second mag.

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    Thanks for the comments - a wide range of way's to handle it. I think my response is a "middle of the road" response. I do believe that at the end of the day, at least 2 people (my daughter and myself) had a blast. As for Gentleman #1 only he can speak to how his day went, but I hope it went well. I sure tried to be a gentleman to him. I am in my early 40's and I would place him no more than 10 years older than me. I am not sure what his background is, so I tried to treat him with as much respect as I could.

    One thing that my grandfather taught me, and am only now really learning to appreciate. "There is nothing wrong with listening to anyone's advice, its up to you to determine if it is good advice, and if you want to follow it". This was one of those cases where listening to his advice only cost me a few minutes of time. The only time I got firm with him, is when he tried to teach my child, and appeared to want to put his hands on her to help position her (which I did not state earlier). He was a stranger and no stranger has the right to touch my child unless it is defined in the public safety role (such as EMS).

    There is only one other time where I know I got "rude" (I think of it more as "FIRM"). That is when a "know-it-all" loaded his handgun, chambered a round, then started talking waving it around, including pointing it myself and others on the range. I got very firm with him, notified the safety officer, and upon getting confirmation from other range patrons, was escorted off the grounds. But that was on a different range.
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