What to do with a spare $700.00

What to do with a spare $700.00

This is a discussion on What to do with a spare $700.00 within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So, I happen to have a spare $700.00, and can't decide how to spend it. My options are: 1. Ammo and spare magazines for my ...

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Thread: What to do with a spare $700.00

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    Question What to do with a spare $700.00

    So, I happen to have a spare $700.00, and can't decide how to spend it. My options are:

    1. Ammo and spare magazines for my handguns
    2. A new handgun
    3. Training (defensive pistol class, and ammo for the class)
    4. An AR or AK (if I can find one for the money, which I doubt)

    What would you do if you were in my shoes? For the record, I own 3 handguns and a .22 rifle (if that influences your opinion).
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    I would say number 3 unless you already consider yourself proficient. If you are proficient, consider a shottie for home protection or a high power rifle if you are a hunter.

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    buy a nice 30-30 or 30-06 for hunting (winchester model 70 with walnut stock) or a nice new handgun would be nice...
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    basic stuff is 3 mags per gun and 100 rounds of SD and 500 practice ammo.
    2 bricks of 22 to start and 1 more for each additional 22

    laser if that pleases you,, but not for SD.
    a red-dot on a 22 for bullseye shooting---unless you have young, good eyes

    $700 would do you a Lee 4 hole turret and 5 calibers and all accessories.
    payback is usually 1000 hand made rounds.
    after that you doubly what you send down range for no extra money.
    3 hours during the week at the bench gets you 400 rounds of pistol and 100 rifle

    the market is getting tight for good shooting, nice looking swede m96's under 500
    and swiss k31's for ~$300
    reload for either for 40 cents a round. factory is $1.00

    ---by all accessories i am including powder, primers and 1000 each of 5 calibers leads bullets.
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    Buy 15oz's of silver, and 1,000 rounds of 45.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badey View Post
    So, I happen to have a spare $700.00, and can't decide how to spend it. My options are:

    What would you do if you were in my shoes?
    I would immediately alleviate the stress of making such a decision by sending the money to kaboom kaboom...and yes, he does take pay pal....glad I could help out!
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    I'd get a silencer for one of my guns.
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    I'm partial to the shotgun myself. Buy yourself a Saiga 12, and then save up just a little bit more to buy the parts to convert it and add a couple md-20 drums to your collection. Nothing like a 12 gauge drum dump in 3-4 seconds. It's both fun at the range and useful for home defense, not to mention with all of the high quality after market parts available, it's also infinitely customizable to however you want to set it it up.
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    I like the idea of a whole reloading setup, considering the same myself.
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    I'm still struggling with grasping the "spare $700" concept - you are truly my hero
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    of your list my first choice would be training and ammo

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    Send half to KaboomKaboom and the other half to me. I will spend it wisely!

    Like mentioned above, consider a shotgun for home defense options or a rifle for the day ET decides to come and harvest our planet.
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    Number three will improve your shooting.

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    a tank of gas ......

    If I was you I would go for the AK. You can pick one up and some ammo for it for less than 700.

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    I`d go with choice # 1.

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