Your total trigger pulls

Your total trigger pulls

This is a discussion on Your total trigger pulls within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was just curious to how many rounds you think you put down range in your life. Specifically, if its even possible, how many you ...

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Thread: Your total trigger pulls

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    Your total trigger pulls

    I was just curious to how many rounds you think you put down range in your life. Specifically, if its even possible, how many you think it took to become a proficient shooter.

    For me its real low, probably less than a couple thousand.

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    I have done as few as 1,000 a year, to over 12,000 in one year. Multiply that times ~20 years... That includes everything from .22lr to 30-06 - both hand gun, and rifle.
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    1K-20K X 39yrs = hearing loss
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    I don't even know. I've been shooting for the past 12 years, and there were days where I would go through an entire brick of .22, so I'm just going to guess between 15,000 and 20, least.

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    I've not been an avid shooter all my life, but to try and figure out the last 50-55 years...impossible!
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    That would be hard for any avid shooter to put a number on especially someone that was in the service.
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    Sheesh, I don't know... I've been shooting almost my entire life... The past 3-4 years at LEAST 5k rounds a year. I should really look into reloading...

    I don't think you can use the number of rounds fired as a reference point for skill. I know folks who shoot just as much but who are terrible shooters. I also know people who shoot maybe 500 rounds a decade but could shoot the wings off a fly with a cannon if they wanted to. I think the biggest thing is practice, obviously, but making sure you're practicing the right fundamentals is huge too, which is why I think training is so important.
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    Don't know how many rounds, but I can tell you it has been thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of ammo.
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    "For me its real low, probably less than a couple thousand."

    Just FYI: There is a huge chasm of difference between "putting "X" numbers of rounds down range" and becoming a proficient and accomplished self-defensive shooter.
    One is barely even related to the other.
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    I have way too many to count from .22 to .50 cal

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    I squeezed off my first .22 at age five, fifty-one years ago and have been shooting ever since. I couldn't estimate within 100k rounds how many I have sent downrange lifetime.
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    I wish I would have kept track.

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    But what about when you pull the trigger, and more than one round fires? How do I count that?

    It isn't about the number of rounds you shoot. In Marine boot camp, you spend a whole week on the rifle range, doing dry fire practice and other drills, before you ever fire a shoot through a service rifle. Good dry fire practice is just as valuable, if not more, than actually firing rounds if you are just doing it to make noise.
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    +1 on the hearing loss, though I think being too close to one smaw shot without earpro did more damage than the thousands of rounds a year.
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    I shot 0ver 600 rounds yesterday...

    Funtion fired and test fired an AR15.
    Function fired, accuracy tested SBR AK.
    Zeroed Leupold scope for a T/C Encore in .308
    Accuracy tested HK USP compact in 9mm
    Accuracy tested Sig229 in .40
    Shot suppressed Ruger MK3,
    Suppressed Savage MK2 bolt.

    Just a typical day that the range and something that I do at least twice a week...more now that daylight hours are extended.
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