Slide on gun turning gold???

Slide on gun turning gold???

This is a discussion on Slide on gun turning gold??? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hey there, have a question for you guys. I've noticed the end of the slide on my FNX-9 lately has been... uh... turning gold?! Not ...

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Thread: Slide on gun turning gold???

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    Slide on gun turning gold???

    Hey there, have a question for you guys. I've noticed the end of the slide on my FNX-9 lately has been... uh... turning gold?!

    Not literally turning to gold, obviously, but there is obviously some sort of chemical reaction going on with something the gun has come into contact with that is making this gold residue appear on the end of the gun. It's really hard to get off and it seems to happen randomly.

    This picture is today, and I cleaned the gun thoroughly last night using CLP/brushes/etc. Only thing I've used to wipe down the exterior of the slide is CLP and a Hoppe's Silicone Cloth. I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on. The only holsters I use are a leather no-name holster I've been using for a while, and a Raven Concealment Phantom holster. I don't regularly touch any weird chemicals, wash my hands every time I use the bathroom like a normal dude, and if I ever touch anything else it's just my phone, computer, or food I'm eating

    The gun is almost never in the safe as it's my EDC, and since I live alone it's either on me in its holster, or on the nightstand.

    Anyone who knows anything about chemistry/metal/anything related please chime in! It's starting to worry me.

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    Maybe you need to quit peeing on it...

    Just kidding!

    I know that the EAA Witness had a finish that was a gold color. It was a form of heat treating that caused the color to be yellowish.

    Perhaps they put a black oxide finish over it to dull it? And now the black oxide is wearing off?
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    Not an expert, but I had a gun that did that, and I think it was just wear from the holster. Sold it to a good friend that wanted it.
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    Acid reaction from powder residue possibly

    The powder thingy (my mind just went blank) on my reloading equipment discolors a similar shade

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    You've heard of that NRA program, "Guns and Gold"? Call them
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    Holster residue, is my guess.
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    I agree with Chevy. my Springfield Champion, XD and Glock have all have gold colored wear marks on them.
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    I would guess reaction from powder residue...

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    Maybe you really are made out of money and you are rubbing off on it.
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    buy a gun with a better finish

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    Could it be die from your holster bleeding on the slide?
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