No battery pistol safe.

No battery pistol safe.

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Thread: No battery pistol safe.

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    No battery pistol safe.

    Before anyone says it.... I did a search. This is specific to a particular type of safe. No batteries, simple combo locking mechanism.

    Any suggestions? I've looked at Fort Knox and Fas1safe on line but they are pricey. Are they worth it? Any other ideas?
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    I have this safe three digit combo and no batteries. Perfect fit for a 1911 Government Model. GunVault NV300 NanoVault with Combination Lock: Home Improvement
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    I purchased one of these: Titan Gun Safe: Sports & Outdoors

    The Titan Gun Safe. I have been pleased with its operation. It is not inexpensive. I believe I found mine for ~$277. I liked the fact that it came with two brackets. It is easy to move between brackets and is stout. No cable locks required (unless you want use one, it has the option)

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    I use and recommend the V-Line Top Draw, it replaced my piece of crap GunVault that I'll probably take to the range and tape Tannerite to.

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    Another vote for v-line. I have a top draw and the compact.

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    3rd Vote for V-Line!

    V-Line Industries Security Cases and Cabinets

    I’ve got 3 of the things: Top Draw, hideaway, and the Long Gun Rifle Case. All three are set to the same combination and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.
    The Top Draw, has enough room for your handgun, spare mags, and a flashlight.

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    I use a simple fireproof safe.

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    V-Line top Drawer is a good choice.
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    Sure is a variety of handgun safes listed here from less than $30 to more than $300. I am assuming for HD next to your bed?

    You can probably throw out the least expensive one since I don't think it offers what you are looking for. With a 3 digit dial, how will you open it in the dark? Plus it offers very little structural strength. Good for travelling.

    The most expensive one offers mutiple mounting brackets which is why the price is high, but is good if you want to move it around to different locations. Most people won't move it once mounted.

    The top loading ones are good in a nighstand drawer or the top of your nightstand. Also, depending on which model could hold more than one gun. How much security are you looking for? It could be bolted to something solid like the floor next to your bed.

    You know which one I am partial to but it does have some unique features and is the heaviest of the bunch. At $219.00 it will never be the least expensive choice out there, but right now that includes UPS Ground shipping. Thanks for taking a look at it and let me know if you need any more info on it.

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