Gen 4 Glock Spoof

Gen 4 Glock Spoof

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Thread: Gen 4 Glock Spoof

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    Gen 4 Glock Spoof

    Glock Gen 4 Design Meeting

    Glock Gen 4 Design Meeting - YouTube

    For amusement only. I have no opinion on the 4th Generation Glocks as I've not handled or fired one. A cursory browse around the Forum didn't find that this had already been posted but sure as I stick it up J. D. will come along and kindly lock it as having been a duplication of an existing thread. Always a day late and a dollar short.

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    Haven't seen this one.

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    LOL love it.
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    Nothing like the truth.

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    LOL! I'm a Glock guy and...... That was funny.
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    Awesome. "I would kill myself, but I don't think the Gen 4 would get the job done."

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    Good thing I didn't have anything in my mouth or I would be cleaning it of the screen right now. That was hilarious!
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    too funny.... some hater had plenty of time

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    That was funny. I still have all of my "Old" Gen 2's. No need to change.
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    Pretty damn funny.
    How about an external safety? Lol.

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    "We are going to call it a 'break-in' period. We got the idea from Kimber."

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    Thats funny.....
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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