Took the wife to her first gun show today.

Took the wife to her first gun show today.

This is a discussion on Took the wife to her first gun show today. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; About 10 years ago, I bought my first gun, a sig p228. Shortly after I took my wife shooting. During the session she had some ...

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Thread: Took the wife to her first gun show today.

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    Took the wife to her first gun show today.

    About 10 years ago, I bought my first gun, a sig p228. Shortly after I took my wife shooting. During the session she had some brass land in and burn her cleavage. Needless to say she was done with that session. I feel out of shooting for a while but picked it back up in December. She wanted to give it another chance. So I took her out. She still didn't' really like the sig but liked shooting. She bought herself a Ruger SR22 Pistol and has been quite a few times since.

    Last few times she went with me, she started shooting my M&P9c and really liked it. So she started talking about getting another gun for her, basically something fun but bigger than 22lr. I finally talked her into try my Sig again, she was hesitant but when she really liked it. We shot several other and she thought she wanted a 40, an xdm to be exact. I thought she since she liked the Sig so much she should get one.

    Today we were at a gun show and she got to handle just about every Sig they make. She really dug the P226 and came home with a P226 railed reverse two-tone CeraKote with the short reset trigger.

    Here it is with my P228

    And finally here is a family shot, her guns on the left, mine on the right.

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    Good looking family!
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    I had to take my wife to a gun show after she saw me going to so many of them and hearing me talk about the many non-gun vendors that are there as well. She was quite surprised at how woman-friendly the general gun show environment is as we walked around. She really enjoyed chatting up the various vendors who had something for women.

    She was most impressed with the excellent choices of purses for women who want to carry. She said that the quality and usefulness of those purses was as good or better than most of the purses she sees everywhere else.

    If you have wives or girlfriends who have wondered about the gun shows you go to, please consider bringing them to one as part of a date. They may see or hear about something of special interest to them. The sheer variety of "hardware" and the immediate access to vendors who are more than willing to share info and opinions about various products is hard to match.

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    Looks you have nice complete family!
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    The exact same "brass incident" happened to my girlfriend the first time I took her to the range. :( my p238 has a tendency to send the last brass straight back...and right down the hole it went :D

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    Beaut's, quite the contrast on the p226 compared to your p228. I took my wife and son to a gun show and they really enjoyed seeing and being able to try on for size the variety out there. Needless to say we walked out with two new purchases, a Ruger polished slide SR40 for my son and a S&W SV40VE for my wife. I dare say we've got a date for the next one!
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    Nice guns...I don't think I have ever found a gun that felt better in my hands than a sig 226 and love every gun that I have ever held
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    My wife also is new to shooting and she wants to go to her first gun show the end of this month. She wants to try out all the holsters for her S&W 642. Nice to hear that the shows are female friendly. I never noticed... I am always looking at stuff like guns, ammo, etc... She did order a Flashback for a bra carry. That should show up shortly but she'll still want to go to the show...
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