Wifes new gun

Wifes new gun

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Thread: Wifes new gun

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    Wifes new gun

    Took my wife to the LGS and she finally made her mind up after weeks of handling many different guns. Tried glocks,kahr,m&p and XD's. With her medical condition she is very limited in hand and arm strength.Her final choice was the XDm 9mm, she could rack the slide the best with the XDm. Pick up date is 4-28, I will post a range report as soon we get it to the range.
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    Congrats! I have an XD40SC and like it. I shoot with someone who has the XD9SC; it is a good gun.
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    Well Done! Hope she enjoys it and I'm looking foward to the range report!
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    Is the wait period in CA 10 days? Wow, I had a hard time waiting 48 hrs in WI. Good idea to let her choose. I am sure she will enjoy shooting it.

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    Congrats! XD was my choice for EDC.
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    I recently acquired a like new 9mm XD Service and love it, she shoots like butter. Enjoy!
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    Congrats! Nothing better than a wife who appreciates firearms!

    I have an XD 9mm subcompact and after several thousand rounds, I haven't had a single issue except I run out of ammo faster than I plan.

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    That's the way to do it. I see too many guys come into our Shop trying to tell their wife what to buy. If you don't let them decide what they want, it's going to cost you in more ways than money.

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    Not my first choice, but it has to be the wife's first choice for it to be a 'winner'.
    Congrats on the wife's choice of weapon.
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    pics or it didn't happen

    jk :) pics when u get it tho :D
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    The 10 day wait isn't too smart if the person already owns a firearm,cooling off period is a joke,many things you can use to kill that are within arms reach in most houses.
    Hope she learns to shoot that baby well enough to stop any threat
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