Addicted to firearms.

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Thread: Addicted to firearms.

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    First step? No where to go but "up" or "Sideways"....

    Addicted we are....
    There are 2 types of people, victims and the prepared. I choose to be prepared....

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    I have it to. It all started when I was a kid and loved handling my father's guns (all Brownings) and reading all the gun magazines and catalogs. Then started shooting and my dad gave me my first shotgun. Since then I have owned around 75 guns, almost all of them handguns. (Lets not get into holsters.) I was constantly finding a new gun that I had to have! Looking back on that list, there are many great guns I wish I still had. I currently own 9 handguns. Lessons I have learned are: Keep, don't trade or sell. Shoot more, collect less. There is no all around perfect gun for every purpose. Just like tools in a tool chest I needed several for different uses. Now-a-days, I enjoy what I have, and focus on spending more money on bullets and range time. If I want a new gun I wait, save up the money, then buy it if I still want it.

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    You say addiction.....I call it more of a passionate hobby, sounds alot nicer.
    Fear No Evil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randytulsa2 View Post
    Am I at the first step?

    If so, I hope it is NOT the first step to "recovery".....
    According to my "Steps" listed on page one your fine, your buying somewhat rationally and can afford to do so, no where in my list of steps does it say stop buying...if I ever get to the point where I can stop, I'll face Godzilla in a cage match right after.....

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    THis thread has been out for awhile but I was searching for the sig GSR and this popped up for reading. Well, given the title I had to read it.
    I have bought nine new guns in the last nine months. I have not traded any in and for the most part, I have not wanted to trade in any. I bought two .22s this month because I wanted some guns that I could shoot all the time without breaking the bank. 650 for two guns so I can spend less money on ammo. Hm. I guess I could have spent that money on ammo but if I keep these till I die I guess it is worth it.
    I have yet to own a 1911 and so I have been considering one. They kind of make me nervous though because I am new to the concept of working with guns to make them better or work the way you want. 1911s seem to be pretty finicky and I am not all that patient about my guns. I just want them to work. However, the idea of a nice tight shooter is pretty tempting. I havent shot in any competitions but I think I would like to sometime.
    Anyways, I feel like there are two types of gun owners. Those who have one or two for utility purposes and those who see them as much more than tools and need to have everyone possible.
    Benjamin Franklin once said, "he that would supplant a little liberty for a little safety deserves neither".

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    I too have this affliction. It all started with my father. As a little boy growing up I always looked forward to when my dad would go hunting. Just because this was when he would bring the guns out and take them apart and clean them. At the same time I would take his oily gun rags and wipe down my toy guns. I remember after deer season taking spent 30-06 casings and pretenting they were missiles.

    My dad is as pro 2A as anyone but is not really a gun nut. He looks at them as a tool to get a particular job done. He cannot understand why I would want multiple guns in the same caliber. To him having 4 guns chambered in 7.62x39 is like haveing 4 lawnmowers. He has guns because he hunts. I hunt because its an excuse to use my guns for what they were made for. I think it supprises him that my gun nuttiness started when I was young and it started with him.

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    I can quit any time I want, the last weapon I'm going to purchase is a Thompson. Anything else I purchase I know I will need for one reason or another.
    "[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons.
    They are left in full possession of them."

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    Start a gun fund. Put aside $50-100 out of every check, or whatever you can afford.

    Pay cash, and only buy when you can afford it. Letting guns get you into debt will really dampen the fun of it all.

    +1 on researching a great deal before you buy. Only buy guns that you know you'll keep a long long time.

    Happy shooting! Stay safe!
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    I am afflicted with this also. Perhaps we should start group therapy. Alcoholics have AA, why shouldn't we have a group. Instead of trying to combat the affliction, I think the group should come up with fundraiser ideas to enable the members to feed the addiction. Who knows, maybe after enough of the group therapy everyone will have all the guns they want (yeah right!!!).

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    I've had this same addiction from when I was 9 years old. That's when my Dad bought me my first .22 rifle. I'm 57, still have that rifle. Have more besides.
    "There is no such thing as too much ammo. Unless you're swimming!"

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    Hello,my name is J and I'm an addict. I was on the wagon for the holidays... bought two new revolvers in the last month (Yes dear, I do need a long and a short barrel 44). I went C&R to save money on guns/ammo... ended up buying more toys(Yes dear I know that I have 3 rifles in the same caliber,it's an investment).
    No I don't wish to be cured,I want to wallow in my addiction like the well armed pig that I am.

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    I am in the same boat. My wife makes fun of me. Its all I think about and all I want to talk about. It's all I spend my spending money on. I won't buy clothes or anything else I need, unless it goes boom. I've gotten my brother-in-law addicted. The wives don't like to be around us and we are mostly talking Sigs.

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    I to am a confested gun-nut

    this is more for the jokes page, but I thiought it was fitting in this thread.

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